This Contest Is Now Closed

Drum roll, please.

Ladies and gents, announcing the first (but certainly not the last) #fridayflash Reader’s Contest.

Reader’s contest?

Yes. Reader’s contest!

The six month anniversary of #fridayflash is fast approaching. To help celebrate this auspicious occasion, launch my newly redesigned web site, and to say thank you to all of our loyal readers, I am having a reader’s contest. It starts today, this very instant, and will run right though Friday, November 20th. And it’s so simple, anyone can win.

How To Win

Here’s how it works. Sometime between now and Friday November 20 at 11:59:59pm CST, go read a #fridayflash story on one of the fabulous blogs of our participating authors. Leave a comment on their story. Your comments must actually contain words that indicate you’ve read the story. A dot or space won’t cut it.

Then come back here, to this very post, and leave a comment, along with a link pointing back to that story. If you’re feeling sporting, tell me why you liked that particular piece. Also, leave me a valid way to contact you. Anonymous entries obviously won’t win.

During the wee hours of Saturday morning, November 21st, the Random Number Fairy will come by, find my laptop under my pillow, and select three winners from the comment thread. This comment thread. The one associated with the post you are currently reading. These three lucky people will receive a $10 gift certificate to one of the following fine online retailers: Barns & Noble, Amazon, Borders or New Egg. Choice of retailer is up to the winners.

Enter as often as you like. You can go to any #fridayflash story, leave a comment, and then enter that into the contest. Multiple entries on the same story by the same person won’t count. But reading multiple stories may significantly increase your odds of winning. Only one prize per person. If the Random Number Fairy draws your name twice, the second one will be tossed to give someone else a chance to win. Void were prohibited by law.

So How Do I Find These Stories?

Look for the #fridayflash hashtag on Twitter on any Friday between now and November 21, 2009. Follow the links in those tweets. Or go to the #fridayflash Archives, and select a story from there. The link in the Archives will take you to the relevant story.

PFAQ (Pseudo Frequently Asked Questions – I made ‘em up, folks)

Q. Can #fridayflash authors participate in this contest?
A. Yes, but they cannot use their own story. That would be poor form.

Q. Seems complicated. Why do I have to leave two comments, one here and one on the story?
A. The comment on the story is for the author’s sake. The one here is for yours, so that you can actually be considered for a prize.

Q. How come you’re not giving away a better prize, like a Kindle or Nook?
A. Because I’m cheap.

Q. What happens if the Random Number Fairy lands on a comment that does not link back to a story?
A. The Random Number Fairy will laugh hysterically, and move on to select another comment. Only comments with links to stories will be eligible to win.

Q. Does this mean I’m going to have to sign up for Twitter? I’ve been trying to avoid that.
A. Nope. You can access #fridayflash stories via the Archives, or you can use an Atom search string and find all the #fridayflash tweets without actually joining Twitter. Something like this:

Of course that will work best if you do it on a Friday.

Q. What if I hate the story I go to?
A. Be a sport. Move on to another story. Don’t leave mean comments. I reserve the right to disqualify trolls.

Happy reading.

  40 Responses to “It’s A Contest, Baby”

  1. Just testing to make sure this works.

  2. It works! Cool contest Jon. Off to retweet.
    Thank you for all you do for us!

  3. What fun! And your new home here really works, especially this comment section.

    Change IS good!

  4. Marisa, the improved blog commenting is the primary reason I moved from TikiWiki to WordPress. I suspect my old commenting system drove a lot of people nuts.

  5. Welcome to the WordPress world. I think you’ll like it here.
    The contest is a great idea, and the PFAQ are even greater.

  6. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by J. M. Strother and PJ Kaiser, Laura Eno. Laura Eno said: RT @jmstro: To celebrate I'm having a #fridayflash #reading contest. Win prizes for reading flash fiction. [...]

  7. Yay! I LOVE contests! Thanks for #fridayflash, the Flash report, and now this contest. You are truly generous.

    If I’m doing this correctly, this is my first entry for this contest.

    I commented on “When a man goes bad” at

    —I will never look at mangoes the same way again.

  8. Just read and left a comment for “Vertigo”

    — Some people have a weird way of playing with other people’s fears!

  9. Left a comment (earlier) on Who Elsa’s story “Untitled”
    An interesting twist on Halloween

  10. “I reserve the right to disqualify trolls.”

    I imagine you weilding a sword. This contest is an awesome idea.

    You’re awesome!

  11. >>I suspect my old commenting system drove a lot of people nuts.

    Not true! I was already quite nuts. :)

    I like the new digs, Jon.

  12. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Doublelattemama: Fun! RT @jmstro: To celebrate I’m having a #fridayflash #reading contest. Win prizes for reading flash fiction.

  13. Great idea AND updates! I am so happy I found friday flash when I did – and am proud to witness these changes and contest(s)… Publishing is too damn negative right now so it’s good to see some good coming from it.

    And it’s twenty minutes until friday starts in PA – time to read!

  14. Commented on “Happiness in a four pack” at

    It was a very novel way to write about sadness being more popular than happiness. :)

    I can be contacted through comments at my webpage or through Twitter. :)

    —Come on, guys…I’m not the only one doing this, am I? :D

  15. Commented on “A Family Ghost Story” at

    I loved the whole style,especially how she summed up everyone’s chosen occupations at the end.

  16. Commented on “Carnival Time” by Laura Eno. I always check her flashes as she’s one of my favorite flash writers.

    “Cute” story about what happens when you go to a carnival for Halloween. Funny, as always.

  17. Commented on “The Stairwell”…podcast and scary story.

    I’m loving all the Halloween themed stories lately!

  18. [...] you could win a prize, just for reading and leaving a comment! How ’bout them apples! Click here to view contest details. Thank you Jon for being our smooth-sailing captain! [...]

  19. Commented on Crumbling by Rachel Blackbirdsong.

    Sad story but makes you stop and think about life for a moment. AND the imagery in this one is enough to make you feel like you’re in the city – or hearing the screams and cries. . .

  20. Commneted on Brain Droppings by ringkeeper(?)

    This is a funny Halloween story – should put anyone in the mood to have fun and enjoy this time of year.
    The twist is PERFECT and the humor at the end wraps the story together even more PERFECT (I know, it doesn’t make sense, but read the story, you’ll understand!).

  21. Commented on “Flanders” at

    Cute teen romance story.

  22. Commented on “Survivor” at

    This one was kind of tough to read, especially if you have had to watch a loved one decline.

  23. Commented on “The Straw” at

    A revision of a piece I’d read before. I think I preferred the original.

  24. Commented on “Of Blood and Bare Breasts” at

    Lots of action, tension and a great world construction.

  25. Commented on “Shortcut” at

    A magical piece. Pay attention to the details.

  26. Commented on Not My Intention by Tony Noland:

    Great, quick story about weird us men are around women sometimes. My favorite parts here were the subtle ones that cause you to be sucked into the story waiting for the ending.

  27. Commented on Bad Rap from Mindspeak.

    Take a few minutes and read this. It’s dark, powerful, and rhymes. . . yes, a story that rhymes in a poetic way that isn’t cliche (pardon the rhyme) at all – it works. And it works perfect!

  28. Welcome to WordPress Jon. And you have a contest with random number fairies. How very fictional of you…

  29. Just read The Wink by P.J. Kaiser. . .

    Very good story about a couple women. . . one with a secret. . . and a wink. Which is worse? Well, you have to read the story and find out!


  30. Just read Look At the Sky from Foolish Notions:

    The story is perfect. Sentences are short. Some even one word. Yes. Like. This. :)

    Through the short sentences and flashes of reality vs mind, the suspense builds until you understand what is really happening. . .


  31. I read, loved, and commented on “The Devil’s Game” by Laura Eno

    Can’t help but be charmed by a character who’s a bad boy (and not in that really alluring way…ah, ahem, sorry) AND a gentleman!

  32. Commented on “High Flyer” by Linda at LeftBrainWrite.

    Always impressed by her ability to represent manic states–something very difficult to do.

  33. Commented on “If it didn’t happen, it can’t happen” at The Bathroom Monologues.

    Well-written, amusing–but also got me thinking…

  34. Commented on Karen’s “Just another night in tight jeans” at Miscellaneous Yammerings.

    She created a world I wanted to walk into–if only for one night.

  35. I just read Deborah’s (@Debs1) “Dinner”. It was a great short. I liked the detail, especially with the yucky macaroni and the beach (I really wish I was there).

    Here is a link to the short where I commented:


  36. WOW! Just read Windsprint_girl’s “Watermelon Secrets” – definitely a must read. Has some really great twists!

    Here is a link to the short where I left a comment:


  37. Just read Laura Eno’s “The Devil’s Game” Yikes! Definitely something I don’t want to play. Loved the wonderful descriptions in this piece – especially the cigar smoke!

    Link to the short where I left a comment:

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