It was quite a week for #fridayflash. We have sixty-two stories in the round-up, including six from debut authors. Please welcome Lindsay Oberst, Gregory VanWagenen, Jesse Groppi, Virginia Moffatt, ThomG, and Deborah Bundy to our amazing writing community. I am sure I speak for all when I say we are all very happy to have you join us. As always there is a broad range of styles and genre, so there should be something for everyone. If you wrote a #fridayflash, and story is not in this listing, please visit the Collector to add your details. Once you’ve put it in the Collector I can harvest it, and add it to the report.

I apologize for getting this up a little late. This has been a very busy week for me here at Mad Utopia. On Friday I hosted a guest post from Tina Moreau, Manager of Absolute Xpress. She discussed their upcoming Thieves and Scoundrels Anthology. Submissions don’t close until Junary 15th, so if you have something in your hip pocket, or write well under pressure, there is still time to submit. It should be right up the alley of many #fridayflash writers, and is a chance at a paying market.

I also had to write my own #fridayflash, and get it posted in time, as well as work out the mechanics of distributing Best Of stories to first round judges. I’ve sent out 12 stories so far to two judges, just to get the process down. If you are a Best of 2009 first round judge watch your email. I’ll be sending out more packets today. I still need to get the Reader’s Choice poll up. Hope to do that today as well. As I said, it’s been a little busy here at Mad Utopia, but all your wonderful stories make it all worth while. Thanks again everyone, for participating in the writing, the reading, and the word-of-mouth marketing you do for #fridayflash. It would be nothing without you. ~jon

The Stories

Word Smells by Lindsay Oberst @lindzsmile ~ Slice of Life ~ Debut

Wisdom From The Chorus Line by Chance @chance4321 ~ Humor

Vaultkeeper by Maria Protopapadaki-Smith @mazzz_in_Leeds ~ Fantasy

Variations of the Truth by Lauren Cude via Facebook ~ Slice of Life

Truly, Deeply, Endlessly by Tony Noland @tonyNoland ~ Horror/Suspense

To Have Not by Richard Gardner @ric03 ~ Action/Adventure

Through their eyes by Estrella Azul @EstrellaAzul ~ Slice of Life

The Voice Of A Child by Leigh Barlow @LeighBarlow ~ Science Fiction

The Next Great Adventure by Eric J. Krause @ericjkrause ~ Science Fiction

The Next Best Thing by Gregory VanWagenen @gvanwagenen ~ Romance ~ Debut

The Madame Lazonga Defense by Alex Carrick @Alex_Carrick ~ Humor

The Literary Inheritance by P.J. Kaiser @doublelattemama ~ Slice of Life

The Lie by Rachel Blackbirdsong @RBlackbirdsong ~ Literary

The Fable of the Rhino and the Oxpecker by Barry J. Northern @BarryNorthern ~ Fantasy

The Eye Candy Also Flies by Chris Chartrand @ChrisChartrand ~ Science Fiction

The Day of the Wedding by Tim VanSant @TimVanSant ~ Unspecified

Sunday Lunch by Emma Newman @EmApocalyptic ~ Slice of Life

Sun Belt by John Wiswell @Wiswell ~ Science Fiction

Stoplight by G.P.Ching @GPChing ~ Slice of Life

Solarium by Hannah Bisson @MoxieMouth ~ Mystery/Thriller

Sleep Little Child by J. M. Strother @jmstro ~ Unspecified

Sisyphus and the Salesman by Ryan Harron @rharron ~ Fantasy

ShadowGlass: Prologue by Donald Conrad @NoddlaNocdar ~ Unspecified

Rapunzel by Amy Taylor @adastrapoetry ~ Unspecified

Raging Life by Christian Bell @christianbell37 ~ Unspecified

Post-Invasion Christmas by Jesse Groppi @jessegroppi ~ Cross Genre ~ Debut

Portal 7298 by Louise Dragon @WeezelWords ~ Cross Genre

Papa Szorny by Anton Gully @antongully ~ Horror/Suspense

Omega Rising by Carrie Clevenger @CarrieClevenger ~ Science Fiction

Offspring by Marisa Birns @marisabirns ~ Fantasy

Nurses at the bedside of Mr. Eller by Chad Redden @chadredden ~ Literary

Night Raid by Angie C. @techtigger ~ Fantasy

micro by Dan Powell @danpowfiction ~ Literary

Magwier A-Go-Go by Al Bruno III @albruno3 ~ Experimental

Mafia Rehab (pt.2): Inna Is In the House by Anne Tyler Lord @AnneTylerLord ~ Humor

Lady of Ice by Alyssa Tompkins @xAChels ~ Fantasy

Instructions: Parent Teacher Conference for a Retarded Child by Lou @lfreshwater ~ Literary

Infamy by Lily Mulholland @CascadeLily ~ Unspecified

Homeless by Michelle Dennis Evans @michelledevans ~ Slice of Life

Homecoming by Gary Harmon @Gary_Harmon ~ Literary

Happy New Year by Virginia Moffatt @VirginiaMoffatt ~ Slice of Life ~ Debut

Flicker by Clive Martyn @clivem ~ Horror/Suspense

Finding My Fix by Linda Simoni-Wastila @drwasy ~ Mystery/Thriller

Final Solution by Barb Relyea @brelyea ~ Literary

Escape Velocity by Skycycler @skycycler ~ Literary

Easy Prey by Laurita Miller @LauritaMiller ~ Horror/Suspense

Dunston Monster: Tabitha by David G Shrock @dracotorre ~ Unspecified

Drain by ThomG @tgabrukiewicz ~ Humor ~ Debut

Critiques by Tim Remp @Tim_Remp_writer ~ Humor

Chronology of Murder by Dana @ywgdana ~ Cross Genre

Calista’s Mirror of Truth by Melissa D. Johnston @melissa_djohnst ~ Cross Genre

Breaking the Mold by Shannon Esposito @soesposito ~ Literary

Blue Skies by Peter Etherington @petherin ~ Slice of Life

Bits and Pieces by Laura Eno @lauraeno ~ Unspecified

Banditties by Peggy McFarland @peggywriter ~ Horror/Suspense

Anyone Can Draw a Saltpot by David Masters @davidmasters ~ Slice of Life

Amelie, The One Minute Version by April L. Hamilton @indieauthor ~ Humor

All in the Soil by Michael J. Solender @mjsolender ~ Mystery/Thriller

Alive, alive-o by Virginia Moffatt @VirginiaMoffatt ~ Unspecified

A Rude Awakening by Sam @FutureNostalgic ~ Horror/Suspense

A Puppy in Need by Deborah Bundy @DeborahKBundy ~ Slice of Life ~ Debut

A Different Kind of Heavy Metal by Karen Schindler @karenfrommentor ~ Humor

The wrap

Thanks to all our readers. We love you. And please, if you enjoy a story leave comments when you visit. Writers love feedback almost as much as chocolate. Maybe more! Then go tell your friends to read it too. Help these writers grow.

You can subscribe to the #fridayflash hashtag (external link) on Twitter every week for more great flash fiction.

We’re on Facebook (external link) too.

  3 Responses to “The #fridayflash Report – Week 33”

  1. Jon, perhaps I missed something but I had trouble locating the stories in the Reader’s Choice Poll. Perhaps embedding the links or adding a link to the comments section where they were nominated would make it easier for people to read them before voting.

    • Sorry about that, Carol. I added a post complete with links which will be at the top of the stack until my next post. I’ll look into adding another widget to the sidebar with the links so something more permanent is available.

  2. Wow have I got some catching up to do! I was ill this past week so didn’t get to submit a story, (the first week I missed since joining #fridayflash :( ). But I’m on my way to being well and hope to steal some time to read as many stories as I can this week.
    Welcome to all you new flashers…er, I mean authors! :) It’s nice to watch this group grow so quickly! And Jon, thanks so much for all you do for us!

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