For the first time in my life I am trying my hand at upside down tomatoes. I’ve heard about them for years, but have always had my doubts. Considering how poorly my tomato plants produced last year I figured this year I may as well give them a shot. Things could hardly turn out worse.

My Upside Down Tomatoes

So I bought four of those “Down Under” planters, rearranged the wind chimes (remember them?) and hung four plants from my porch eaves. Rafters? Roof? The thing in the picture. To my amazement they seem to be doing pretty well. I’d say confused, but healthy. If you look carefully you might see some actual tomatoes forming on the plant near the post.

The two on either side of the post are cherry tomatoes, my wife’s favorite. The other two are heirloom tomatoes called Old German. First time for heirloom tomatoes too. Rumor has it heirlooms taste better than the big name ones found most places. We shall see.

Hopefully this project will turn out better than my overwintering of the Poinsettia. Remember him? I was hoping a move to the outside in the springtime would rejuvenate the poor thing.

One Dead Poinsettia

Didn’t work out too well, did it?

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  2. There’s nothing better than home-grown tomatoes! I’ll bet you’ll really enjoy these!

    • I’m hoping they help with the squirrel problem too. Last year, if they didn’t get blossom end rot, the squirrels would take a bite just before I was ready to pick them. Squirrels are evil little monsters, they really are.

  3. yum! home grown toms are the best – planning to grow some very soon.
    Sweet and juicy – hope they give you a fruitful crop :)

    • Isn’t it winter time for you, Michelle? Or do you pretty well have a year round growing season where you live?

      I think they need a new name for those things they sell in grocery stores. They look like tomatoes, but they sure don’t taste like tomatoes. sbomatoes, maybe? — for Store Bought tOmatoes?

  4. What a beautiful shot, with the blue sky peeking through all the greenery. Thanks for the link to your windchime post too. Somehow I’d missed that. :)

  5. I’m usually reluctant to grow tomatoes (or anything actually) because I generally spend more than I save from not buying at the grocery store. If I loved gardening, that would be a different story.

    Still, I bought a “patio/container” tomato plant just the other day. I have dreams of homemade pico de gallo dancing through my head. I’ll let you know in 55-60 days.

    Love the piece, Jon. Your writing always reminds me of sitting down to lunch, chatting with a friend.

  6. I tried starting tomatoes early in peat pots this year. Until I read this post, I’d completely forgotten about them…guess I should have watered them occasionally after I planted them. :(

  7. “Two things that money can’t buy: true love and home-grown tomatoes.” Dontcha love a love-song?

  8. From someone who has a black thumb, I wish you luck with those veggies. Is the point you don’t have to stake them cause gravity does the work, or is the motive to get Australian flavoring?

  9. Good luck with the tomatoes, we try growing them but the birds often get there before us! We are also trying strawberries this year!

  10. Love the photos. Good luck with the tomatoes!

    A very engaging piece.

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