I know a ridiculous amount of time has passed since the Best of Friday Flash was first released as an ebook. The physical book was supposed to come out shortly afterward.

Unfortunately one delay ran into another: I had a devil of a time figuring out how to generate the Table of Contents, getting the PDF formatted correctly, and then getting the whole CreateSpace process figured out. My only excuse is, I’ve never done this before.

At long last I can inform you that tonight the Best of Friday Flash – Volume One has been submitted to CreateSpace for publication. I should get a response from CreateSpace within 24 to 48 hours. If all is well I should then be able to order my proof copy, and (hopefully) finalize all for publication within a few days. It should go live on Amazon sometime next week.

Thank you all for your patience. ~jon

NOTE: See the comments for further details.

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  1. Good news! These things take time, and better not to rush when you’ve already put so much work into it. Thanks for all that, Jon.

  2. Looking forward to having it on the shelf.
    Thanks Jon.

  3. That’s amazing news! Can’t wait to hold the book in my hands, but these things do take time in order to be just perfect.

    PS: I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve started posting flash fiction on my blog too :)

    • Well happy anniversary, Estrella. :)

      • Thanks :)
        Though I had very little time on my hands, I wrote a short sequel to the first #fridayflash I’ve posted.

        And don’t despair, hopefully many people will love the anthology and all your hard work will be worth it!
        I bet everyone feels the same and truly appreciate everything you’re doing for #fridayflash! There wouldn’t be any #fridayflash without you, so thank you! *hugs*

  4. WOOT! Fantastic news Jon, and thank you so much for all the hard work you’ve put into this effort.

  5. Drat. I’m not done yet. Got this email from CreateSpace:

    The interior file appears to be sized for a 8.5 x 11″ book, however, this is not the trim size selected in the account. Please reformat the interior to the selected trim size of 5 x 8″. Interior files should be formatted to the exact final trim size of your book and submitted as a single PDF file with one text page per PDF page.

    So, I’ll be doing a bit more formatting and uploading. Hopefully this won’t amount to more than a day or two of further delay. Live and learn.

    • It’s never easy eh?

      • It’s worse than I thought. After reformatting to 5×8 the page count drove the price up to an unreasonable level ($10.99 if I don’t want to lose money on standard Amazon sales). So I reformatted it again to 6×9, which brings the page count down some, but the price is still higher than I wanted it to be, at $8.99. I doubt many people will be willing to spend that much on an unknown entity. Plus, it may require further adjustment/resizing of the cover art. I’m very down tonight.

  6. Woohoo!!! This post made my week :) Thanks Jon!!!

  7. I hope you haven’t pounded your head on the desk too much. :) That’s why I’ve always gone with 6×9, Ariel 10pt 1.15 spacing(which is easier to read than New Times at 10pt). Don’t be down…think of how much you’ve learned. LOL!

    • Thanks, Laura. I’ve done some reformatting based on your advice and now have it down to 162 pages, and can now price it at $7.99. At that rate we make 5 cents on each sale. Good thing we weren’t planning on making a lot of money on this thing.

  8. Jon,

    You’re doing an excellent job, and it’ll all be worth it when the final copy appears.

    Thanks for all your hard work.


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