We had 64 stories this week including 2 debuts. Please drop in on Beverly Fox and Jamie Hahn to read and comment on their stories. If your story is not in the listing please visit the Collector and add the details. Then drop me a line to let me know and I’ll add it to the listing.

We have only one news item this week and it is a very special one. Please take the time to read it. Thanks. ~jon

The Stories

A Kingdom of Decisions by Brainhaze @Brainhazewp ~ Slice of Life ~

A Large Slice of Fire by Tony Noland @TonyNoland ~ Slice of Life ~

Abby by Laura Rachel Fox @LostLibraryGirl ~ Suspense ~

Alien Invasion by Emma Kerry @emma_kerry ~ Unspecified ~

Arrival by Melissa L. Webb @melissalwebb ~ Paranormal ~

Barbara’s Final Smoke by Brinda Banerjee @brindabanjee73 ~ Slice of Life ~

Boys by Alex F. Fayle @alexfayle ~ Fantasy ~


Clara Belle by Harry B. Sanderford @HBSanderford ~ Experimental ~

Designated hitter by Karen Schindler @karenfrommentor ~ Horror ~

Dogcatcher by Thom Gabrukiewicz @tgabrukiewicz ~ Unspecified ~

Dollars and Sense by Valerie Valdes @valerievaldes ~ Humor ~

Driving by Michael A TAte @Michael_A_Tate ~ Literary ~

Flight of the Raven by Lara Dunning @LaraDunning ~ Fantasy ~

Freshly Baked by J. M. Strother @jmstro ~ Suspense ~

Going down by Steve Green @n/a ~ Humor ~

Guardian Angels by Monica Marier @lil_monmon ~ Paranormal ~

Heartbroken is better than alone by Galen Sanford @galensanford ~ Literary ~

Heroes Wanted (Part 9) by Stephe Book @StephenBook ~ Western ~

Hoodies from the Shadow Glass by Donald Conrad @NoddlaNocdar ~ Fantasy ~

Humane by J.E. Ignatius McNeill @dreamrock ~ Science Fiction ~

I Is For Ida Who Ignored The Iguanas by Kari Fay @morganafiolett ~ Unspecified ~

In a different time… by KjM @kevinjmackey ~ Slice of Life ~

In Memoriam, Life Magnifico by Alex Carrick @Alex_Carrick ~ Slice of Life ~

Jenny’s News by Catherine Russell @ganymeder ~ Humor ~

JL by Julio Ricardo Varela @julito77 ~ Literary ~

Larry Wins A Million by John McDonnell @McDonnellWrite ~ Humor ~

Last Comic Standing by Beverly Fox @Bevimus ~ Horror ~ Debut(Yes)

Lost and Found Street Hustle by David Wilson-Burns @fictdoodles ~ Slice of Life ~

Magic Running in the Family by Anke Wehner @Anke ~ Unspecified ~

Magic Words by Susan May James @yamnasus ~ Unspecified ~

Man, boy, truck, eighteen months by Vincent Eaton @VincentEaton ~ Cross Genre ~

Mister Fix-It by Linda Simoni-Wastila @drwasy ~ Literary ~

MOONGLOW by Absolutely*Kate @AbsolutelyKate ~ Romance ~

Muses by Aidan Fritz @AidanFritz ~ Horror ~

No more than usual by Rachel Carter @rachcarter ~ Slice of Life ~

Nobody’s Fault by Virginia Moffatt @Virginia.Moffatt ~ Unspecified ~

Old Granny by Gracie Motley @gracecrone ~ Horror ~

Phoebe’s Folly by Michael J. Solender @mjsolender ~ Horror ~

Pile Up by Rol Hirst @rolhirst ~ Slice of Life ~

Pink Sari by Cathy Webster (Olliffe) @Matthiasville ~ Unspecified ~

Possible Origins for Him. 11. by John Wiswell @Wiswell ~ Crime ~

Release by Jessica Rosen @jessrosenbooks ~ Paranormal ~

Rhino Rampage by Tom Allman @yoohootom ~ Slice of Life ~

Stained Glass by Jamie Hahn @thisjamie ~ Unspecified ~ Debut(Yes)

Sudoku in the Sky with Diamonds by Eric J. Krause @ericjkrause ~ Humor ~

Technomancy by Angie C. @techtigger ~ Fantasy ~

The Blessed Gift by Mike Robertson @miker_lazlo ~ Experimental ~

The Body of Your Dreams by Icy Sedgwick @icypop ~ Humor ~

The Decision by Lynda Sinclair @sudnleavalable ~ Unspecified ~

The Desert Moon by Gary Harmon @Gary_Harmon ~ Literary ~

The Gathering (Part One) by Aaron Conaway @M_Gideon ~ Magical Realism ~

The Ground by Clive Martyn @clivem ~ Slice of Life ~

The Lazarus Experiment: Part II by Christopher Michael Bell @ChrisBell85 ~ Science Fiction ~

The Mythical Creatures Employment Exchange. Chapter 7 by Justin Davies @flyingscribbler ~ Humor ~

The Nick Of Time (and other abrasions): Come Together by Al Bruno III @albruno3 ~ Paranormal ~

The Other Church by Denis Vaughan @inshin ~ Humor ~

The Picture by Danielle La Paglia @Dannigrrl5 ~ Horror ~

The Secret Place by Michelle Dennis Evans @michelledevans ~ Slice of Life ~

The Spectator by Rachel Blackbirdsong @RBlackbirdsong ~ Literary ~

The UCF Stories #33: Of Draigs And Gnomish Builders by Sam Adamson @FutureNostalgic ~ Fantasy ~

Three Little Words by Jason Warden @shadowCastAudio ~ Cross Genre ~

Welcome to Hell by Laura Cummins @jacsmom ~ Slice of Life ~

Who are you? by Kayanna Kirby @kayannak ~ Slice of Life ~

In the News

Veteran Friday Flashers Trevor Belshaw and Jodi Cleghorn have joined forces for a good cause. They are spearheading a new charity anthology, 100 Stories for Queensland. One cannot help but to have heard the news of all the terrible flooding going in in Australia. So in the same fine tradition of 100 Stories for Haiti, and 50 Stories for Pakistan they have called for writers world wide to step up to help their fellow man by contributing a story to the cause. Visit the website for the official guidelines.  Something of particular interest to the Friday Flash community (besides Trevor and Jodi’s involvement) is that stories previously posted to personal blogs are eligible. That’s right, you favorite old Friday Flash could be seen in a print anthology.

According to the press release, “Stories of 500 – 1000 words in all genres and for all age groups are welcome, and can be electronically lodged at Submishmash. The deadline for submissions is Friday, 28th January. The book is due for release late February/early March. 100% of profits will be donated to the Qld Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal.” Read the full press release here.

I’d like to take my hat off to Trevor for cooking up this fine idea and to Jodi and Trevor for running with it. I’m so proud to be associated with the two of you. Good luck on this project and much success.

The wrap

Thanks to all our readers. We love you. And please, if you enjoy a story leave comments when you visit. Writers love feedback almost as much as chocolate. Maybe more! Then go tell your friends to read it too. Help these writers grow.

You can subscribe to the #fridayflash hashtag (external link) on Twitter every week for more great flash fiction.

We’re on Facebook (external link) too.

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  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Julio Ricardo Varela and others. Julio Ricardo Varela said: RT @jmstro The #FridayFlash Report is up. 64 stories with 2 debuts and some really exciting news: http://bit.ly/fXsNUC [...]

  2. Thanks for the news item, Jon. I feel very humble after that.
    May I put in a mention here for David Robinson (another Friday flasher) and Maureen Vincent-Northam for their hard work and expertise.

    Thanks in advance, from Jodi, me and the rest of the team, including Jon, to anyone who sends us one of their flashings, and rest assured, we’ll be back submitting stories to The Collector as soon as we can.

  3. As always, Jon, you do amazing work and so incredible of you to support this and the anthology idea. Fantastic idea!

  4. Thanks from me and the team of 30+ volunteers who are working behind the scenes on 100 Stories for Queensland. The readers are currently burning through the submission… so please, everyone, pull out your favourite Friday Flash from last year, or the year before, and send it in. We know the quality of the writers who send their work into FridayFlash is of a very high standard. We’d love to see your story in print for a good cause.

    And thanks Jon, for what you do here and what you are doing behind the scenes with us.

  5. I hope that every Fridayflasher will take a moment to submit to 100 Stories for Queensland!

  6. I forgot to mention Nick Daws @nickdaws (sorry Nick) who is also a big part of our team.

    Huge thanks to everyone who is supporting this appeal.


    • Indeed, a tip ‘o the hat to David Robinson, Maureen Vincent-Northam, and Nick Daws for all they do. I was not sure who all was on the management team so limited myself to you and Jodi to be on the safe side. You all have been doing a wonderful job.

  7. Thank you for th news update, Jon.

    By the way, stop on over at Powder Burns to pick up the gift (award) that I’ve left for you.

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