Sorry for the lateness of this week’s report. But you know what they say, better late than never. I just got swamped at work and home with projects last week so had no energy to attack the report. Sorry to keep you all waiting.

It was a great week. We had 69 stories including 5 debut participants. Please take the time to give a proper welcome to Dawn Kirby, John Xero (who makes his debut with two), Randal Houle, D.L. Owens, and CheckedOut. Drop in on them and leave some good comments and encouragement.  It’s always wonderful to have new folks join in on the fun.

If your story is not in the listing visit the Collector and add the details. At this late point I’ll hold off and add it to next week’s list, which I hope to get out in a more timely manner. Thanks everyone, writers and readers alike, for participating in #FridayFlash. You’re a terrific crew. ~jon

The Stories

YOU DIRTY RATS by Absolutely*Kate and Harry B Sanderford @AbsolutelyKate ~ Crime ~

Where the hell is Tony’s #FridayFlash? by Tony Noland @TonyNoland ~ Humor ~

Wednesday Night At Home In Front Of The TV by Cathy Webster (Olliffe) @Matthiasville ~ ~

Used Brooms by Eric J. Krause @ericjkrause ~ Humor ~

Used by Dawn Kirby @SecretsWriter ~ Paranormal ~ Debut

Unexpected by Neil Shurley @thatneilguy ~ Unspecified ~

Two Very Short Stories by Deborah Bundy @DeborahKBundy ~ Literary ~

The Way It Is by Linda Simoni-Wastila @drwasy ~ Literary ~

The Umbrella Flowers by Adam Byatt @revhappiness ~ Slice of Life ~

The UCF Stories #34: Twinkle in the Pixies’ Den by Sam Adamson @FutureNostalgic ~ Fantasy ~

The Rehearsal Dinner by Catherine Russell @ganymeder ~ Humor ~

The Mythical Creatures Employment Exchange. Chapter 8 by Justin Davies @flyingscribbler ~ Humor ~

The Heave by Denis Vaughan @inshin ~ Slice of Life ~

The Day The Earth Stood Selfish by Rol Hirst @rolhirst ~ Horror ~

The Danni by John Wiswell @Wiswell ~ Humor ~

The Castle by Icy Sedgwick @icypop ~ Paranormal ~

The Best Defense by Angie C. @techtigger ~ Fantasy ~

The Audition by Susan Cross @SusanJCross ~ Slice of Life ~

That Faithful Friend by Alison Wells @alisonwells ~ Slice of Life ~


Table Saw Slam by Donald Conrad @NoddlaNocdar ~ Slice of Life ~

Run With It #4 by Laura Cummins @jacsmom ~ Unspecified ~

Riding pillion by Amanda Scotney @rasplemjelly ~ Unspecified ~

Power’s Sunday Slam by Julio Ricardo Varela @julito77 ~ Literary ~

Platter and Glance by Alex Carrick @Alex_Carrick ~ Literary ~

Phases by Thom Gabrukiewicz @tgabrukiewicz ~ Unspecified ~

Peace in Paradise by Mike Robertson @miker_lazlo ~ Literary ~

Pan by John Xero @xeroverse ~ Science Fiction ~ Debut

P Is For Peter Who Peeked At The Pixies by Kari Fay @morganafiolett ~ Fantasy ~

No one, Really by Randal Houle @randalhoule ~ Literary ~ Debut

Nebi’s Secret by Gracie Motley @gracecrone ~ Horror ~

My Friend by James Tallett @thefourpartland ~ Unspecified ~

Mount Tamalpais by Aidan Fritz @AidanFritz ~ Magical Realism ~

Medushair by Dan Powell @danpowfiction ~ Magical Realism ~

Master by D.L. Owens @keikomushi ~ Fantasy ~ Debut

Love like a Shark by John Xero @xeroverse ~ Science Fiction ~ Debut

Live Dangerously by Harry B. Sanderford @HBSanderford ~ Humor ~

Lily Lillian by Jodi Cleghorn @jodicleghorn ~ Slice of Life ~

Like a Bullet in the Back by Alex F. Fayle @alexfayle ~ Paranormal ~

Left To Their Own Devices by J. M. Strother @jmstro ~ Science Fiction ~

Killer Idea by Melissa L. Webb @melissalwebb ~ Horror ~

Just a Man by Seleste deLaney @selestedelaney ~ Unspecified ~

In the Wings by David Wilson-Burns @fictdoodles ~ Slice of Life ~

In Absentia Luci by Valerie Valdes @valerievaldes ~ Fantasy ~

I Talk to Dead People by Denise Covey @pichetsinparis ~ Paranormal ~

Hunger by Jason Warden @shadowCastAudio ~ Horror ~

Humble Abode by Rachel Carter @rachcarter ~ Slice of Life ~

Heroes Wanted (Conclusion) by Stephen Book @StephenBook ~ Western ~

Hell Hath No Fury by Maria Kelly @mkelly317 ~ Horror ~

Greener Fields by Gary Harmon @Gary_Harmon ~ Humor ~

Glacial Meltdown by Tim VanSant @TimVanSant ~ Suspense ~

Gemma by Janet Aldrich (TEC4) @TEC4_Cleveland ~ Magical Realism ~

Gelatinized by Johanna Harness @johannaharness ~ Fantasy ~

Gambler’s Fallacy by Tiffany Herr @herrvoice ~ Slice of Life ~

Flight of the Raven Part 2 by Lara Dunning @LaraDunning ~ Fantasy ~

Diary by Anke Wehner @Anke ~ Fantasy ~

Delirium by Beverly @ TheBevelededge @Bevimus ~ Unspecified ~

Cold Summer by Deanna Schrayer @deannaschrayer ~ Literary ~

Coffee and Cigarettes by Anneke Klein @Labarca ~ Unspecified ~

Cautionary Tale by Monica Marier @lil_monmon ~ Humor ~

Better To Have Loved and Lost by G.P. Ching @gpching ~ Romance ~

Art & Crafts Home by Brinda Banerjee @brindabanjee73 ~ Magical Realism ~

An Introduction to Jill by CheckedOut @iamcheckedout ~ Paranormal ~ Debut

Alchemy by Laura Eno @LauraEno ~ Humor ~

A Viking In The Kitchen by John McDonnell @McDonnellWrite ~ Humor ~

A Typical Night’s Sleep by Aaron Conaway @M_Gideon ~ Humor ~

A man’s need by Steve Green @n/a ~ Science Fiction ~

A Good Day by Rachel Blackbirdsong @RBlackbirdsong ~ Literary ~

A bit of a blur by Vincent Eaton @VincentEaton ~ Cross Genre ~

In the News

The prolific and talented Larua Eno is interviewed over at A Moment With Mystee. That gal gets around. Seems she’s always popping up somewhere. So, for more insights into Laura’s inner workings and her approach to writing drop in and read what she has to say. She can be quite inspiring. Nice interview, Laura.

One last reminder as the deadline draws near — 100 Stories for Queensland is accepting submissions thru Friday, the 28th of January. If you have a well edited story between 500 and 1000 words in length get you to their submission form before it is too late.  Be sure to read the submission guidelines before submitting but note that stories you have posted previously as a Friday Flash are eligible. What a deal.

The wrap

Thanks to all our readers. We love you. And please, if you enjoy a story leave comments when you visit. Writers love feedback almost as much as chocolate. Maybe more! Then go tell your friends to read it too. Help these writers grow.

You can subscribe to the #fridayflash hashtag (external link) on Twitter every week for more great flash fiction.

We’re on Facebook (external link) too.

  4 Responses to “The #FridayFlash Report – Vol2. #35”

  1. Thanks again Jon, for the 100 Stories mention. :)

  2. Thanks for the interview mention, as well as letting everyone know there’s still time to submit to 100 Stories. You are the best, Jon!

  3. How do you get involved with Friday Flash? I see these stories in my travels!

    • Hi, Lynn. Getting involved in Friday Flash is really easy if you have a blog (and I see you do). Just write a piece of flash fiction (1000 words or less), post it to your blog, and then tweet the link on Twitter on Friday. A more complete description is here:

      If you want your story included in the weekly wrap up then come back here and click on the Participate In Friday Flash button in the right column and it will take you to the Collector where you can enter the details.

      Hope you can work it into your schedule. If you join us, I think you’ll like it.

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