Cover of Ghost Betweens depicting a haunted house with a flash of lightening over it.Fellow Friday Flasher and creative spirit Eric J. Krause has announced the pending release of his of his young adult paranormal novel, Ghost Betweens. I’ve known Eric for several years now and do not hesitate in recommending his works to anyone. He is having a Facebook book launch party this week, so drop in and wish him well.

Here is the description he has posted regarding Ghost Betweens:

The spooky farm in the middle of suburban Citrus Valley has long been rumored to be haunted. After taking pictures in the abandoned fields, Josh Hart and his buddy, Zach, find the stories to be true. They want to learn more, and are joined in their quest by Zach’s girlfriend, Kendra, and the new girl in school, Whisper Douglas. Josh and Whisper find they’re not only drawn to each other, but they also have superpowers when it comes to the supernatural. Their history teacher proves to have an unusual knowledge of their powers, and guides them to better utilize their newfound talents. And they need all the help they can get when Zach and Kendra are possessed by a powerful demon at the farm, who plans to use the teens to escape her prison and take over the world. Now Josh and Whisper, the newest Ghost Betweens, not only need to save their friends, but the entire planet, as well.

Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

You don’t have to go into this blind. Eric has posted several sample chapters on his website. If you are undecided go give them a read. You can also read some of his latest flash fiction while you’re there. You won’t be disappointed.



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  1. Thanks, Jon! I appreciate the support. I hope you, and everyone else out there, enjoys the book!

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