Hand holding a snowman/woman couple holding a heart, labeled 2012I thought I was done with crying

Somewhere in the ninth month it occurred to me
The tears had not come in quite a while
I took solace in that ninth
Having never been certain of what comes after
If reincarnation really is the truth of it
Then nine months should mark her rebirth somewhere in this world
The thought comforts me

Then the tenth month came

While putting up the Christmas tree I found our ornament
She always bought one
A couple
Placed on the tree as one
One union
One perfect match
Now here in my hand was the last of our ornaments
She was too sick to get one for 2013
I was too preoccupied
So here in my hand lies our last special bauble
A snowman and a snow-woman embraced
Entwined side by side
Forever joined
My tears return
Nothing, after all,
Is forever

  4 Responses to “Christmas 2014”

  1. It brings tears to my eyes, also. The poem is sweet. I know Christmas will be tough this year without Cyndi but I’m sending a hug and hope you are all ok. love ya.

  2. Ah, Jon. Thinking of you.

    A lovely memory, lovingly captured, with the wound yet raw. Time will ease it but time will never cause you to forget.

  3. Oh hugs Jon , it’s always a difficult time at Christmas when a loved one is gone……

  4. Thank you all. It’s another bridge to cross. I’m sure there will be more. But it also helps me remember her, which is a good thing.

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