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I am Jon M. Strother, a writer of fact, fiction, and bad poetry. My passion is fiction, though creative nonfiction and an occasional how-to will creep in now and then. I have written several novels and novellas, so far unpublished, and created #fridayflash, a flash fiction meme run by-in-large on Twitter.

I live in an inner suburb of St. Louis and enjoy cycling, gardening, and wasting far too much time playing Civilization III. Hey, we all have vices. I’ve got a wife and kids, and a Beagle affectionately known as Psycho-pup.

The Nickel Tour
If you’ve followed me before you may have noticed the site has changed radically. While I tried to keep the look and feel of my old site, I have changed the underlying foundation of this site from TikiWiki to WordPress. I found this necessary as the things I needed to effectively run a blog just were not available in TikiWiki. I hope you like the change.

The Menu Bar, up top, has links to Mad Utopia (my blog), this page, Free Reads (free samples of my writing), Friday Flash (a collection of links related to #fridayflash), and Resources. The sidebar has the typical stuff one would expect on a blog: recent posts, a search tool, my blog roll, and RSS subscription links. I hope you subscribe.

About Me
I have been an avid writer since around fourth grade. I began to get serious about it in high school, and wrote my first truly dreadful fantasy novel after reading The Lord of the Rings in the late ’60s. Thankfully it has been lost – forever. Since then I’ve improved considerably. I write fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and horror, and have completed numerous short stories, several novellas, and four novels. I hope you might spend some time here to get to know some of the characters and worlds I create.

Awards, Links and Publications
Guest post, Thirty Days Hath November on Editor Unleashed, November 2008
J. M. Strother Interview on The Writer’s Technology Companion, November 2008
Artist of the Month Interview on Renderostiy, December 2005

Winner – 2008 NaNoWriMo, The Seven Stages of Grief
Winner – 2008 Renderosity Halloween Short Story Contest, Carnival of Evil
Winner – 2007 NaNoWriMo, Max Mann and Paradise Lost
Finalist, Mattia Internatioan Poetry Contest, Almost Home, July 2006
Renderosity Artist of the Month , December 2005

GeoContext: Putting Geospatial Data in Context with Web Documents, with Kimberley Berger and Nathan Ryan, Proceedings of the ESRI International Users Conference, 2006
Service Area Road Analyst (SARA) Extension, with Kim Berger, Proceedings of the ESRI International Users Conference, 2005
Three Dimensional Visualization Of Obstruction Identification Surfaces, with Kimberley Berger and Nathan Ryan, Procceedings of ASPRS Annual Meeting, 2001
Wings 3D User Manual, since converted to a WikiBook
Selected poems on Renderosity

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  7. Hi, I’m a Wings 3D newbie looking at your original pdf Manual. It’s since been partly converted to the Wikibooks version – but that’s been un-loved and apparently forgotten for a number of years. That’s a great shame! Sure it needs updating, to bring it in line with the latest version of Wings and new material in the 3D modelling world generally, but the original work still has relevant structure and basics.
    There’s some interest in including a Dokuwiki manual on the Wings 3D website – see the Documentation project on the (new) forum. That is, similar to the Wikibooks version but ‘in-house’ as it were. To avoid re-modelling the wheel, incorporation of the original manual as a starter would seem to be a good idea, and to build from there.
    Copyright issues apart, it would seem to be merely polite to ask the question: What are your views?

    • Have at it. It would be nice if you credit me for the contribution, but I have no problem with the Wings community doing with it what they will. Terrific program, and people. Just wish I had time to get involved once again. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a terrific New Year.

  8. Jon,
    Many Thanks. No problem with credit for your contribution. That was a lot of work you put in to the original.

    From this side of the pond: have a very Merry Christmas and a have Happy New Year!


  9. I’ve been told you are not reading literary works any more. True?

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