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Cover of SpillworthyOne of the things I’ve always been terrible about is cross promotion. Chances are if I have a guest post up somewhere else I’ll forget to cross promote it over here. For example, I just did a wonderful interview with Johanna Harness (of #amwriting fame) last week over on Friday Flash Dot Org. I’m not sure that qualifies as a guest post, but nonetheless I failed to mention it over here. My bad.

It is not too late for you to go read it and have a chance to win a nice comment prize from Johanna. She says the offer is good through May 10th. That gives you a whole four more days to make good (and a wee bit of today as well). So go read and comment. Johanna has some wonderful wisdom to share concerning many things including reading, writing, the road to the publication of her first novel “Spillworthy“, teaching, and life in general. There should be something for everyone.



Cover of Ghost Betweens depicting a haunted house with a flash of lightening over it.Fellow Friday Flasher and creative spirit Eric J. Krause has announced the pending release of his of his young adult paranormal novel, Ghost Betweens. I’ve known Eric for several years now and do not hesitate in recommending his works to anyone. He is having a Facebook book launch party this week, so drop in and wish him well.

Here is the description he has posted regarding Ghost Betweens:

The spooky farm in the middle of suburban Citrus Valley has long been rumored to be haunted. After taking pictures in the abandoned fields, Josh Hart and his buddy, Zach, find the stories to be true. They want to learn more, and are joined in their quest by Zach’s girlfriend, Kendra, and the new girl in school, Whisper Douglas. Josh and Whisper find they’re not only drawn to each other, but they also have superpowers when it comes to the supernatural. Their history teacher proves to have an unusual knowledge of their powers, and guides them to better utilize their newfound talents. And they need all the help they can get when Zach and Kendra are possessed by a powerful demon at the farm, who plans to use the teens to escape her prison and take over the world. Now Josh and Whisper, the newest Ghost Betweens, not only need to save their friends, but the entire planet, as well.

Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

You don’t have to go into this blind. Eric has posted several sample chapters on his website. If you are undecided go give them a read. You can also read some of his latest flash fiction while you’re there. You won’t be disappointed.




Cover art for the Yin & Yang BookThe big day has arrived – today marks the official launch of Chinese Whisperings: the Yin and Yang Book. I am pretty excited about it since I have a story included. My story is titled “No Passengers Allowed.”

Yin and Yang is the brain child of Jodi Cleghorn and Paul Anderson of eMergent Publishing. It is an interesting experiment in collaborative writing, crossing the bounds between an anthology and a novel. Each story is complete in and unto itself, but they are all interwoven with other stories throughout the book, with authors integrating characters, situations, and time lines into something much more than a collection of short stories. As I said, it is almost a novel, with the Prolog and Epilog wrapping all into a unified whole.

I know many of my readers here are familiar with #FridayFlash and as such you will find many authors in this collection you will recognize. I am proud to be sharing the space between the covers with the likes of Jen Brubacher, Christopher Chartrand, Carrie Clevenger, and many more I am sure you know. Counting the editors who contribute via way of the prolog and epilog, there are 22 authors in all, evenly divided between men and women – thus the Yin and Yang of the title.

You can join us all over at the official Amazon chart rush page on Facebook, or follow the live tweets of the frustrated passengers (characters in the book) as they watch their air carrier, the fictional Pangaean Airlines, collapse around them. The hashtag for that event on Twitter is #pangaean if you’d like to follow the madness. My character, Sam Harris (if that really is his name), would not be the type to call attention to himself by live tweeting, so I won’t be participating in that (not to mention that my boss would probably be none too pleased). But it should be fun if you can sneak a peek now and then.

You can buy Yin and Yang from many fine outlets, but we actually make the most when books are purchased directly from eMergent’s bookstore. Plus, if you by directly from eMergent you get a free ebook download when you purchase the paperback. Other outlets include Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, and Book Depository. The links can be found below.

One word of caution — the next time you fly, don’t annoy the guy in the next seat. He just might be Sam Harris.

The All Important Links:

eMergent’s Bookstore
Book Depository
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Amazon Canada



Chart Rush LogoToday, Tuesday May 17th, marks the launch of 100 Stories for Queensland, a wonderful anthology of flash fiction in support of a good cause. In the face of the devastating floods early this year in Australia, the international writing community came together under the impress of eMergent Publishing to produce a collection of 100 uplifting tales that cross all genres.

There is something for everyone in this collection. Many of my writing associates from the Friday Flash community (#fridayflash) have stories included. Originally conceived by Trevor Bledshaw, the collection was carefully collected, judged, and edited by Trevor, Jodi Cleghorn, and a staff of volunteer judges and editors to ensure story telling at its best.

Pick up a copy today to help this good cause make it to the top of the Amazon daily ratings, which in turn helps garner yet more attention.

100 Stories for Queensland sells for $19.99(US) and ₤9.99. All proceeds from the sale of 100 Stories for Queensland go to the Premier’s Flood Appeal. It is available from Amazon US, and Amazon UK. Please support this terrific cause. And pop in on their Facebook event to wish them well.


This is the last edition of the Friday Flash Report to be hosted on Mad Utopia. Starting next week it will have a new home. More on that later. For now content yourselves with the fact that we had 36 awesome stories this week (and counting, as I’m sure there will be some add-ons) including 1 debut. Please welcome Zaiure to the ranks of Friday Flash. Drop in and leave a comment on her story.

We may be down this week because spring has sprung, or just because I’m doing the wrap up on time for a change, thus tripping folks up. I consider anytime during the relevant weekend on time. I claim Procrastinators Rights, as clearly defined in the rules, on Page 27, Section D, Subsection xvii. You can look it up. Well, you can’t actually, but that’s neither here nor there.

As always, if your story is not in the list visit the Collector to add the details, and I’ll do an update before closing it out come Monday night.

The Stories

A Time To Scatter Stones by Danielle La Paglia @Dannigrrl5 ~ Slice of Life

A Twist by Brainhaze @Brainhazewp ~ Slice of Life

Accidental Sorcerers 3 (Sura’s Story) by FARfetched @FARfetched58 ~ Fantasy

Awakening (part 2) by Steve Green @n/a ~ Horror

Bedtime Thoughts by Eric J. Krause @ericjkrause ~ Unspecified

Brawl by Sylvia van Bruggen @sylviavbruggen ~ Fantasy

Don Makes A Deal by Stephen Book @StephenBook ~ Unspecified

Fake Real Woman by Peggy McFarland @peggywriter ~ Magical Realism

Himself It Is by John McDonnell @McDonnellWrite ~ Humor

In Flanders Field (Part I) by Janet Aldrich @tec4_cleveland ~ Historical

In Her World by Beverly @ TheBevelededge @Bevimus ~ Slice of Life

In Pursuit of Knowledge by Sam Adamson @FutureNostalgic ~ Horror

Into That Good Night by Tim VanSant @TimVanSant ~ Horror

Kiss Me, I’m Irish! by Deanna Schrayer @deannaschrayer ~ Magical Realism

Lucky Four Leaf Clover by John Wiswell @Wiswell ~ Crime

Luke & Abby by Harry B. Sanderford @HBSanderford ~ Mystery

No Flash by Icy Sedgwick @icypop ~ Paranormal

No Glass Required by Martha Williams @martha_williams ~ Slice of Life

Not A Girl (A Claire Morgane story) by Johanna Harness @johannaharness ~ Fantasy

Photographs and Diamonds by Adam Byatt @revhappiness ~ Slice of Life

Roulette by John Xero @xeroverse ~ Cross Genre

Slurry by Sam Pennington @Samtales ~ Unspecified

Soul Acquisitions by Zaiure @zaiure ~ Fantasy ~ Debut

Spasms by Elijah Toten @authoreit ~ Unspecified

Stay Tough by J. M. Strother @jmstro ~ Crime

Supermarket Weep by Lisamarie Lamb @lisamarie20010 ~ Slice of Life

THE GREAT AMERICAN SAILING HERO by Absolutely*Kate @AbsolutelyKate ~ Historical

The Mythical Creatures Employment Exchange. Chapter 16 by Justin Davies @flyingscribbler ~ Humor

THE NICK OF TIME (and other abrasions): She Came In Through The Bathroom Window by Al Bruno III @albruno3 ~ Suspense ~

The Placard by Aidan Fritz @AidanFritz ~ Magical Realism

Underground Angels by Nick Bryan @NickMB ~ Paranormal

Unlicensed by John Xero @xeroverse ~ Science Fiction

Vampire Tracker Part 2 by Lara Dunning @LaraDunning ~ Paranormal

Wakiya by Angela Perry @angelaperry ~ Fantasy

Wet Work by Melissa L. Webb @melissalwebb ~ Horror

Wish Me a Wish by Tony Noland @TonyNoland ~ Fantasy

In the News

The Friday Flash community continues to do amazing work in efforts to raise funds for disaster relief in Japan. This week Angie Capozello (Techtigger) is writing A Story For Japan, with your help. She has set up a Pay Pal account to accept donations for the Red Cross. For every dollar donated she will write a sentence for a new Nox and Grimm story. So far it’s going great guns. If I’ve counted the sentences right she’s already raised over $40 in just one day for this very good cause. Keep those donations coming to keep Angie busy. She will post a wrap up on Saturday, March 26th.

Rebecca Emin is also participating in a fund-raising effort, Authors for Japan. She has two lots in the auction. Be sure to check out Lot 14 — a signed copy of New Beginnings plus a copy of Shambelurkling and Other Stories,  and Lot 180 — a walk on part in her next novel, and signed copies of two books. Last I checked she’s raised £80 (~$130US) and has been spotlighted on the website. Congratulations, Emma.

And Linda Simoni-Wastila has wrapped up her fundraiser with a thank you post. Linda is personally donating a dollar for each comment, tweet, update, and post made regarding her post, ‘After the Shock.’ She’s counted 91 comments but is generously rounding up her donation to CARE to an even $100. She is such a giving person. Congrats, Linda.

All in all, members of Friday Flash have raised about $270 dollars for relief efforts in Japan thus far. This really is an amazing community of writers, and I am so proud to be associated with all of you.

Trevor Belshaw, aka Trevor Forest, announced the Kindle release of his children’s book, Peggy Larkin’s War. It is the story of a girl evacuated from London during World War II and is intended for children in the 8 to 12 year age range. He has set up a new website to promote the book here. Trevor also announced the release of his steampunk short, The Instant Messaging Machine, on Ether Books. Congratulations, Trevor on all accounts.

And this just in: G. P. Ching’s new novel, The Soulkeepers, has broken the top 10 on the Amazon Best Seller List for Kindle books in the category Teens/Inspriational, coming in at #9. I don’t know about you, but I find that downright inspirational. Congratulations again, Gen. All your hard work is really paying dividends.

If you have writing/publishing related news about the Friday Flash community please drop me a line. I love spreading the word.

The wrap

Thanks to all our readers. We love you. And please, if you enjoy a story leave comments when you visit. Writers love feedback almost as much as chocolate. Maybe more! Then go tell your friends to read it too. Help these writers grow.

You can subscribe to the #fridayflash hashtag (external link) on Twitter every week for more great flash fiction.

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We had 55 stories this past week including one debut. Please drop in on Eric Landes and welcome him to the Friday Flash community. There are a few stories in this weeks listing that by rights should have been in last week. But I was recovering from minor surgery Monday thru Wednesday last week and was unable to get on the computer until so late in the week. By then it no longer made sense to do an update. I apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused anyone.

I’m getting this week’s list out a bit late too, so any additional late arrivals will be rolled into next week’s report. Again, IAFAITMHCA. What do you expect? I work for the Government. I can make an acronym out of anything (AOOA). See.

If your story is not in the list please visit the Collector and add the details. Then it will be included next week. No, no acronym this time.

Please be sure to look at the news section below the listing – some stuff you won’t want to miss.

The Stories

A Geek Tragedy by D. Paul Angel @d_paulangel ~ Humor ~

A House in Pride: PT 12 by Gwen Newpenny @gwennewpenny ~ Fantasy ~

A Man Called Truth, Pt. 5: Mazarel by Ramsey Lyons @ramslyons ~ Cross Genre ~

A Nice Night for Orion by Stephen Book @StephenBook ~ Crime ~

A Time To Die by Danielle La Paglia @Dannigrrl5 ~ Slice of Life ~

Accidental Sorcerers 1 (Awakening an Ice Dragon) by FARfetched @FARfetched58 ~ Fantasy ~

Accidental Sorcerers 2 (a Quest) by FARfetched @FARfetched58 ~ Fantasy ~

At Least We Didn’t Call It Goofy by J. M. Strother @jmstro ~ Science Fiction ~

Awakening by Steve Green @n/a ~ Horror ~

beyond by Donald Conrad @NoddlaNocdar ~ Thriller ~

c(u)ore by Linda Simoni-Wastila @drwasy ~ Literary ~

Carry That Weight by Peggy McFarland @peggywriter ~ Magical Realism ~

Crayons by Nick Bryan @NickMB ~ Humor ~

Cubicles and Brimstone by Elijah Toten @authoreit ~ Unspecified ~

Cuckoo by Kari Fay @morganafiolett ~ Horror ~

Cup Or Cone by Harry B. Sanderford @HBSanderford ~ Humor ~

Death Comes on Silent Wings by Angela Perry @angelaperry ~ Fantasy ~

Domestic Disturbance by Melissa L. Webb @melissalwebb ~ Horror ~

Doors by John Xero @xeroverse ~ Unspecified ~

Epilogue by Catherine Russell @ganymeder ~ Humor ~

Excerpt from Runs In Good Condition by Monica Marier @lil_monmon ~ Humor ~

Going Home by Laurita Miller @lauritamiller ~ Slice of Life ~

Hiss by Valerie Valdes @valerievaldes ~ Unspecified ~

Horse Play by Deborah Bundy @DeborahKBundy ~ Slice of Life ~

Inner Demons by Angie C. @techtigger ~ Fantasy ~

Investment and Reward by Chuck Allen @chuckallen ~ Slice of Life ~

It’s my birthday today! by Denise Covey @pichetsinparis ~ Crime ~

Legal Jargon by Aaron Conaway @M_Gideon ~ Suspense ~

Lilith’s Keeper by CheckedOut @iamcheckedout ~ Romance ~

Lilith’s Keeper by CheckedOut @iamcheckedout ~ Romance ~

Long Distance Phone Call by Catherine Russell @ganymeder ~ Slice of Life ~

Meet The Parents by Neil Shurley @thatneilguy ~ Science Fiction ~

My Mother Believes in Giants by Stephen Hewitt @ThoughtMonkeyZ ~ Magical Realism ~

My Space Plane by John Wiswell @wiswell ~ Unspecified ~

On the River by Tim VanSant @TimVanSant ~ Unspecified ~

Pain’s Embrace by John Xero @xeroverse ~ Fantasy ~

Perhaps to Dream by J. Timothy King @JTimothyKing ~ Unspecified ~

Punk Dad Manifesto by Thomas Pluck @tommysalami ~ Humor ~

Red Shoes by Cathy Webster @Matthiasville ~ Slice of Life ~

Reflection by Maria Protopapadaki-Smith @mazzz_in_Leeds ~ Unspecified ~

Ringer Games by Aidan Fritz @AidanFritz ~ Humor ~

Sad, but Expected by Eric Landes @elandes ~ Fantasy ~ Debut

Spring Break to Remember by Deanna Schrayer @deannaschrayer ~ Unspecified ~

The Balloon by Rebecca Emin @RebeccaEmin ~ Unspecified ~

The Church In The Field by Lisamarie Lamb @lisamarie20010 ~ Slice of Life ~

The Guardian by V R Roadifer @Vandamir ~ Magical Realism ~

The Mythical Creatures Employment Exchange. Chapter 14 by Justin Davies @flyingscribbler ~ Humor ~

The Mythical Creatures Employment Exchange. Chapter 15 by Justin Davies @flyingscribbler ~ Humor ~

The One Thing You Need To Be Happy by Tony Noland @TonyNoland ~ Slice of Life ~

The Painted Man by Icy Sedgwick @icypop ~ Western ~

The Welcome by Annie Evett @AnnieEvett ~ Western ~

Vampire Tracker by Lara Dunning @LaraDunning ~ Fantasy ~

Waiting – A Triptych by Adam Byatt @n/a ~ Experimental ~

Water by Sylvia van Bruggen @sylviavbruggen ~ Fantasy ~

Writers Wanted by Ryan Underhill @Ryan_Underhill ~ Science Fiction ~

In the News

You surely know about the great tragedy that occurred in Japan this past week. The powerful earthquake and following devastating tsunami have wreaked  havoc at an unprecedented scale, compounded by a nuclear disaster we are yet to know the extent of. If you have it in your hearts and in your means please contribute to the relief efforts by donating to a reputable relief organization. Be careful who you donate to as there are many scams cropping up to take advantage of the situation, but do not let that deter you from giving. The Red Cross and similar organizations have easy to find websites you can get to with just a few clicks of the mouse.

There are also a few good causes that some of our Friday Flash members are participating in. Rebecca Emin sends word of a good effort organized by  Keris Stainton – Authors for Japan. Over 150 authors, or others involved in the world of writing and publishing, have made 170 donations of books and/or services for auction. Check it out and see if there is something on the auction block  that would be useful to you. No money goes to the site, instead winning bidders will be notified by email and then asked to make their donation directly to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal. Be sure to check out Rebecca’s offering – Lot 14: Signed copy of NEW BEGINNINGS by Rebecca Emin. And if you don’t win the bid, heck go ahead and make that donation anyway.

Another very generous and caring Friday Flasher is Linda Simoni-Wastila. Linda is accepting comments on her post, After the Shock. For every comment made she will donate a dollar for relief activities in Japan out of her own pocket, through friday. All it costs you is a comment. But again, after you make that comment why not head on over to a reputable relief organizations such as the American Red Cross and make your own donation as well.

In other news:

G. P. Ching is hosting a launch party all this week at her website  So, Write to celebrate the launch of her YA paranormal novel, The Soulkeepers. She will be releasing selected chapters and discussing various aspects of her writing all week long. The Soulkeepers is now available for both the Kindle and the Nook. Right now. This very moment. Get thou to your bookstore.  And while your at it drop by So, Write and wish her good luck and your hearty congratulations. Congrats, Genevieve.

Laura Eno never slows down. She sends word that she placed two stories in the new e-zine quarterly 5×5, the brain child of Angel Zapata. The concept behind 5×5 is to write a complete story in five sentences of five words each. Quite a challenge to be sure. 5×5 ISSUE ONE: Murder, Monsters and Misfortune contains not one but two stories by Laura: “No Medical Benefits,” and “Weeding Out the Gene Pool” as well as  stories from several others you’re sure to recognize. Check it out. Congratulations Laura, Angel, and all the rest of the contributors.

The wrap

Thanks to all our readers. We love you. And please, if you enjoy a story leave comments when you visit. Writers love feedback almost as much as chocolate. Maybe more! Then go tell your friends to read it too. Help these writers grow.

You can subscribe to the #fridayflash hashtag (external link) on Twitter every week for more great flash fiction.

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We had 71 stories this past week with 2 debuts. Please give Sam Pennington, and G.K. Terence a warm Friday Flash welcome. Be sure to drop by to say hi and leave ‘em a comment.

I’m really late with this report, so I won’t be adding any late comers. If your story is not on the list you can add it to the Collector and I’ll add it to next week’s list which will probably work out better for you anyway. I won’t even make any silly promises about not being late in the future as my nose is quite long enough already. I always have good intentions, but you know where that road leads…

We do have a lot of great news in the news section, so be sure to scroll down past the listings to read up on it. Yes, there will be a quiz. :o

The Stories

A Boy’s Best Friend by Emma Kerry @emma_kerry ~ Unspecified ~

A Man Called Truth: The 70′s Job by Ramsey Lyons @ramslyons ~ Horror ~

Anticipation of Happiness, a short story from the world of Claire Morgane by Johanna Harness @johannaharness ~ Fantasy ~

Archer by Chance @Chance4321 ~ Humor ~

Being Well Disposed by Nick Bryan @NickMB ~ Humor ~

Black Hole by Laura Eno @LauraEno ~ Humor ~

Boo by David Robinson @DW96 ~ Humor ~

BUNS OF STEEL by Absolutely*Kate @AbsolutelyKate ~ Adventure ~

Butterfly Woman by Mike Robertson @miker_lazlo ~ Magical Realism ~

Campfire Tales by Melissa L. Webb @melissalwebb ~ Horror ~

Cathedral by Rachel Carter @rachcarter ~ Slice of Life ~

Coffee and Cotton Candy by P.J. Kaiser @pj_kaiser ~ Literary ~

Cup of Via by Stephen Book @StephenBook ~ Crime ~

Family Matters by A.M. Harte @am_harte ~ Horror ~

Goliath Must Be Slain by Maria Kelly @mkelly317 ~ Slice of Life ~

High rollers by Steve Green @n/a ~ Unspecified ~

I’ll Fly Away by Tim VanSant @TimVanSant ~ Fantasy ~

In Dreams – Part 2 by Dawn Kirby @SecretsWriter ~ Paranormal ~

In The Eye Of The Beholder by Harry B. Sanderford & Zelda Martin @HBSanderford ~ Humor ~

Jack by Diandra Linnemann @LaCaffeinata ~ Unspecified ~

Just Beyond the Bend by Donald Conrad @NoddlaNocdar ~ Humor ~

Larry Goes To The Future by John McDonnell @McDonnellWrite ~ Humor ~

Letting Go by Lindsey Chapman @Elsieraven ~ Unspecified ~

Lucky Noodle by G. P. Ching @gpching ~ Romance ~

Maneater by Icy Sedgwick @icypop ~ Horror ~

Missed Message by Aaron Conaway @M_Gideon ~ Suspense ~

Mr. Goliath by John Wiswell @Wiswell ~ Humor ~

ORDINARY WONDERS AND BLEAK MIRACLES: Waiting For Zachary by Al Bruno III @albruno3 ~ Romance ~

Other People by Kari Fay @morganafiolett ~ Unspecified ~

Our Modern Crusoe by Thom Gabrukiewicz @tgabrukiewicz ~ Unspecified ~


Seeing The Shadow by Sam Pennington @SamTales ~ Slice of Life ~ Debut

Shadows by Susan May James @yamnasus ~ Unspecified ~

Silent Lies by Annie Evett @annieEvett ~ Slice of Life ~

Simple Geometry by Tony Noland @TonyNoland ~ Paranormal ~

Smokers by Orjan Westin @Cunobaros ~ Slice of Life ~

Snowbathing by Stephen Hewitt @ThoughtMonkeyZ ~ Magical Realism ~

So I Hear… by Monica Marier @lil_monmon ~ Slice of Life ~

Song of the Sea by Seleste deLaney @selestedelaney ~ Fantasy ~

Starlight by John Xero @xeroverse ~ Science Fiction ~

Stone Cold by Mark Kerstetter @markerstetter ~ Slice of Life ~

The “Bedtime” Story by Beverly @ TheBevelededge @Bevimus ~ Slice of Life ~

The ‘Oh I Wish I’d Been There’ Club by Alex Carrick @Alex_Carrick ~ Humor ~

The Artist’s Defence by Emma Newman @emapocalyptic ~ Suspense ~

The Beef Quilt by David Wilson-Burns @fictdoodles ~ Humor ~

The Blindside by Michael A Tate @Michael_A_Tate ~ Slice of Life ~

The Conversation by Rachel Blackbirdsong @RBlackbirdsong ~ Literary ~

The Devil’s Detail by Virginia Moffatt @VirginiaMoffatt ~ Unspecified ~

The Flower Eaters by Aidan Fritz @AidanFritz ~ Fantasy ~

The Friend I’ve Met by Michael J. Solender @mjsolender ~ Literary ~

The Letter by Danielle La Paglia @Dannigrrl5 ~ Horror ~

The Manager by John Xero @xeroverse ~ Cross Genre ~

The Mythical Creatures Employment Exchange. Chapter 10. by Justin Davies @flyingscribbler ~ Humor ~

The Ouija Board of Love by Eric J. Krause @ericjkrause ~ Unspecified ~

The Perch by J. M. Strother @jmstro ~ Slice of Life ~

The Return of the Fire by Magaly Guerrero @PaganCulture ~ Fantasy ~

The Sacrament by Lara Dunning @LaraDunning ~ Literary ~

The Sweetest Trolls #12 – The Knight Revealed by Mari Juniper @marirandomities ~ Fantasy ~

The Three PM Bus by Brinda Banerjee @brindabanjee73 ~ Slice of Life ~

The UCF Stories #35: The Key To It All by Sam Adamson @FutureNostalgic ~ Fantasy ~

Threshold by James Tallett @thefourpartland ~ Fantasy ~

To Victory by Laura Cummins @jacsmom ~ Slice of Life ~

Touched by G.K. Terence @GKTerence ~ Paranormal ~

Transformations by J.E. Ignatius McNeill @dreamrock ~ Fantasy ~

Trapped by Splintered Lands @SplinteredLands ~ Fantasy ~

Undead Dentistry by Jason Warden @shadowCastAudio ~ Horror ~

when i needed you by John Delgadillo @jcunknown ~ Slice of Life ~

WHITE by Linda Simoni-Wastila @drwasy ~ Literary ~

Why’d You Do It, Tommy? by Rol Hirst @rolhirst ~ Horror ~

Winds of Change by Angie C. @techtigger ~ Fantasy ~

Writing into the Darkness by G.K. Terence @GKTerence ~ Horror ~ Debut

In The News

A. M. Harte is proud to announce her debut ebook release, “Hungry For You”? It is billed as a haunting speculative fiction collection about love and zombies. A number of the stories included are revised or expanded versions some past FridayFlash pieces, but new surprises also await you. You can find more details and a links to the book at the Hungry For You page. Be sure to click through. Congrats, Anna.

Genevieve Ching is happy to announce she now has a deal with DarkSide Publishing. Yes it’s true, Genevieve has gone over to the dark side, and that’s a good thing. She will be joining their cooperative of authors and artists. Her book, “The Soulkeepers” will debut in 2011 under the DarkSide label. For more details about DarkSide Publishing, please visit their website.  Congratulations, Genevieve.

Karen Schindler informs me that both she and Laura Eno have stories in the 2010 edition of 52 Stitches. Karen’s story, Aftertaste, is on page 73 and Laura’s story, Dangerous Premonitions, is on page 44. You can read Karen’s full announcement here. Karen also informs us that the proceeds from the sale of the book are going to go to the trust fund that was set up for Jamie Eyberg’s children. Jamie and his wife died suddenly last year, so it is a most worthy cause.

Speaking of worthy causes, Trevor Belshaw and Jodi Cleghorn are producing a wonderful flash fiction collection, 100 Stories for Queensland, the proceeds of which will go to the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal. But you already knew that. What you may not have know is that many Friday Flash participants have stories accepted for inclusion in the collection, which just goes to show what a great group of folks you are. At the risk of offending someone via omission, congratulations to Sam Adamson, Tomara Armstrong, Alan Baxter, Stephen Book, Christopher Chartrand, G.P. Ching, Kari Fay, Emma Kerry, Monica Marier, Gracie Motley, Emma Newman, and Julio Ricardo Varela. You have proven yourselves to be both talented and generous with your talents. You are all to be commended.

The wrap

Thanks to all our readers. We love you. And please, if you enjoy a story leave comments when you visit. Writers love feedback almost as much as chocolate. Maybe more! Then go tell your friends to read it too. Help these writers grow.

You can subscribe to the #fridayflash hashtag (external link) on Twitter every week for more great flash fiction.

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With both Thanksgiving and NaNoWriMo behind us we are about back to normal this week. We had 76 stories in the Collector as of Sunday evening, including 2 debuts. Please welcome Colin James and Stephen Hewitt to the #FridayFlash community. Be sure to drop by their blogs and leave them some encouragement in the way of a comment. And congratulations to everyone who survived Thanksgiving, the blizzards, the floods, and NaNoWriMo with their sanity intact.

If your story is not in the list please visit the Collector and add the details. Then let me know it’s there and I’ll add it, or if you prefer, just say the word and I’ll hold it for next week’s listing.

The Stories

A Comforting Headline by Brainhaze @Brainhazewp ~ Slice of Life ~

A Guardian Angel’s Desperate Plea by David Wilson-Burns @fictdoodles ~ Unspecified ~


Born That Way (A Claire Morgane Story) by Johanna Harness @johannaharness ~ Fantasy ~

cause and effect by adam j. keeper @adamkeeper ~ Magical Realism ~

Cinnamon & Spice by Ramsey Lyons @ramslyons ~ Horror ~

Clouds by Susan May @yamnasus ~ Unspecified ~

Copperhead by Tony Noland @TonyNoland ~ Slice of Life ~

Depression: What Have I Done by Seleste deLaney @selestedelaney ~ Unspecified ~

Diviner by Thom Gabrukiewicz @tgabrukiewicz ~ Unspecified ~

Dr. Stinson’s Journal by Bill Owens @bsbowens ~ Horror ~

Early Autumn in the Life of Layla by Deanna Schrayer @deannaschrayer ~ Cross Genre ~

Encore Performance by Jason Warden @shadowCastAudio ~ Cross Genre ~

Family Portrait by T.J. McIntyre @southernweirdo ~ Slice of Life ~

Farley Taps by Richard Gardner @rikg73 ~ Slice of Life ~

Firethorn by Angie C. @techtigger ~ Fantasy ~

Fozzy Stuck by Susan Helene Gottfried @WestofMars ~ Slice of Life ~

Frozen by Danielle La Paglia @Dannigrrl5 ~ Unspecified ~

Guilty Conscience by Jessica Rosen @jessrosenbooks ~ Slice of Life ~

Harold’s Homecoming by Wendy @dreamfiction ~ Magical Realism ~

Heroes Wanted (Part 3) by Stephen Book @StephenBook ~ Western ~

In Dreams by Aaron Conaway @M_Gideon ~ Magical Realism ~

In Retrospect by Gracie Motley @gracecrone ~ Slice of Life ~

Infinite Space by Katherine Nabity @katen ~ Slice of Life ~

Larry And The Bikini Contest by John McDonnell @McDonnellWrite ~ Humor ~

Man Flu by Icy Sedgwick @icypop ~ Humor ~

Mr. Peterson’s Tale by Monica Marier @lil_monmon ~ Humor ~

Mrs Percival’s Demise by Emma Kerry @emma_kerry ~ Unspecified ~

Night Swimming by Mark Kerstetter @markerstetter ~ Slice of Life ~

No Pasaran by Mandy K James @akjames61 ~ Unspecified ~

Not funny by Amanda Scotney @rasplemjelly ~ Humor ~

On your head be it by Orjan Westin @cunobaros ~ Unspecified ~

Palm of Her Hand by Linda Simoni-Wastila @drwasy ~ Literary ~

Pegasus Awakes by Rachel Blackbirdsong @RBlackbirdsong ~ Literary ~

Pest Control by Karen Schindler @karenfrommentor ~ Horror ~

Phobic by Steve Green @n/a ~ Horror ~

Project 247 by Rebecca Emin @RebeccaEmin ~ Unspecified ~

Puppy’s Dead by Vincent Eaton @VincentEaton ~ Cross Genre ~

Rainy Rendezvous: Episode 4-Destination Unknown by P.J. Kaiser @pj_kaiser ~ Unspecified ~

Red Corvair by Susan Cross @SusanJCross ~ Slice of Life ~

Red Flower by Anke Wehner @Anke ~ Fantasy ~

Run With It #3 by Laura Cummins @jacsmom ~ Humor ~

Satisfies by Jason Sullivan @JasonSullivan_ ~ Unspecified ~

Shooting People Is Good by Rol Hirst @rolhirst ~ Horror ~

Smoke by Cathy Webster (Olliffe) @Matthiasville ~ Unspecified ~

Someone’s At The Door by Melissa L. Webb @melissalwebb ~ Horror ~

Splat! by Eric J. Krause @ericjkrause ~ Unspecified ~

Sub-Orbital Urbane Conversation by Tom Allman @yoohootom ~ Slice of Life ~

Sugar by Dan Powell @danpowfiction ~ Magical Realism ~

Tangerine Unforseen by Zelda Martin & Harry B. Sanderford @HBSanderford ~ Unspecified ~

Targeted by Leigh Barlow @LeighBarlow ~ Science Fiction ~

The Buoy by Shannon Esposito @soesposito ~ Slice of Life ~

The City Beautiful by V.R. Leavitt @vrleavitt ~ Slice of Life ~

The Crystal Chamber by Maria Kelly @mkelly317 ~ Science Fiction ~

The Easley Poetry Society by J. M. Strother @jmstro ~ Slice of Life ~

The Fall by Tiffany @herrvoice ~ Slice of Life ~

The Great Chocolate Conspiracy Ep 14 by Lily Mulholland @LilyMulholland ~ Humor ~

The Grotto by G. P. Ching @gpching ~ Slice of Life ~

The Letter by Kari Fay @morganafiolett ~ Slice of Life ~

The Married Orc by James Tallett @thefourpartland ~ Fantasy ~

The Mythical Creatures Emploment Exchange #2 by Justin Davies @flyingscribbler ~ Fantasy ~

The Old Woman Who Eats Kids by Stephen Hewitt @ThoughtMonkeyZ ~ Cross Genre ~ Debut

The Strange Old House in the Snow by Denise Covey @pichetsinparis ~ Horror ~

The Vanishing Island Chapter 8: The Sea Witch by Lara Dunning @LaraDunning ~ Fantasy ~

The Visit by Trevor Belshaw @tbelshaw ~ Unspecified ~

THE WALLS COULD TALK by Absolutely*Kate @AbsolutelyKate ~ Slice of Life ~

The Wandering by David D Sharp @aweeadventure ~ Mystery ~

The World at My Fingertips by Catherine Russell @ganymeder ~ Humor ~

The Writing Game by Mike Robertson @miker_lazlo ~ Literary ~

There is music here by David Wilson-Burns @fictdoodles ~ Unspecified ~

Thoughts Down from 40,000 Feet by John Wiswell @Wiswell ~ Humor ~

Tunnel of Love by Aidan Fritz @AidanFritz ~ Fantasy ~

Vampire Natalia Searches the Jungle by Lara Dunning @LaraDunning ~ Fantasy ~

We need to talk by Jim Dempsey @jimdempsey ~ Thriller ~

White Out by Donald Conrad @NoddlaNocdar ~ Science Fiction ~

Winter’s Eve by Maria Protopapadaki-Smith @mazzz_in_Leeds ~ Unspecified ~

In The News

We have some exciting news from Eric J, Krause. His new middle grade science fiction/baseball novel ‘Way Over the Line’ is now available on Smashwords and from Amazon for the Kindle. Be sure to check it out. Congratulations, Eric!

Dan Powell has placed yet another story (he does that a lot). His flash fiction piece ‘Sugar’ is now available for your enjoyment at Litsnack. Congratulations, Dan.

If you have news of the writerly type please let me know and I will be happy to help spread the word. ~jon

The wrap

Thanks to all our readers. We love you. And please, if you enjoy a story leave comments when you visit. Writers love feedback almost as much as chocolate. Maybe more! Then go tell your friends to read it too. Help these writers grow.

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I think #FridayFlash got hit by the double whammy of NaNoWriMo and the Thanksgiving holiday this week. We only had 45 stories this week with just one debut. My hat’s off to all of you who managed to get a flash posted despite all the other priorities of life pulling at you, particularly anyone who managed to pull it off while also honing in on the NaNo deadline. Now don’t forget to please welcome our debut writer, Ramsey Lyons, to the #FridayFlash community. Head on over to his site, but you may not want to take your leftover turkey, he’s probably as sick of turkey as I am by now. I’m sure a warm plate of brownies would be most appreciated.

If your story is not in the listing please go to the Collector and add the details. Then tell me it’s there via DM or email, and I’ll add it to the list. Be sure to check out the news — some very exciting stuff down there.

The Stories

Unsettled Murmurs by Melissa L. Webb @melissalwebb ~ Horror ~

The UCF Stories #30: The Bishop of Rosedene by Sam Adamson @FutureNostalgic ~ Fantasy ~

The Postcard by Catherine Russell @ganymeder ~ Slice of Life ~

THE LOCAL HEROES: Ragnarok Friday by AlBruno III @albruno3 ~ Adventure ~

The Lady Medusa by Christopher Bell @ChrisBell85 ~ Fantasy ~

The Great Chocolate Conspiracy Episode 13 by Adam Byatt @revhappiness ~ Humor ~

the Friendly Confines by Tom Allman @yoohootom ~ Slice of Life ~

THANKSGIVING by Linda Simoni-Wastila @drwasy ~ Literary ~

Still Up by Cathy Webster @Matthiasville ~ Unspecified ~

She Said Nothing by Kari Fay @morganafiolett ~ Unspecified ~

Run With It 2 by Laura Cummins @jacsmom ~ Suspense ~

Rule Breaker by Alex F. Fayle @alexfayle ~ Science Fiction ~

Roadkill by Cathy Webster (Olliffe) @Matthiasville ~ Unspecified ~

Rescue by Mike Robertson @miker_lazlo ~ Unspecified ~

Prelude: Boy at the Edge of the World by Maria Kelly @mkelly317 ~ Fantasy ~

Penitence by Thom Gabrukiewicz @tgabrukiewicz ~ Unspecified ~

Pearls From The Past by Louise Dragon @WeezelWords ~ Horror ~

One Minute Here by Mark Kerstetter @markerstetter ~ Unspecified ~

Not The Man I Married by Mandy K James @akjames61 ~ Unspecified ~

Navel Gazing by T.J. McIntyre @southernweirdo ~ Experimental ~

More. by Daine Salmon @Sayer ~ Science Fiction ~

Metalwork Horse by Johanna Harness @johannaharness ~ Fantasy ~

Me, Myself and You by John Wiswell @Wiswell ~ Science Fiction ~

Mad Skills by Ramsey Lyons @ramslyons ~ Horror ~ Debut

Larry The Football Fixer by John McDonnell @McDonnellWrite ~ Humor ~

ILLUMINATI AT THE AIRPORT by Anthony Venutolo @bukowskisbaseme ~ Unspecified ~

I Am With You by David Wilson-Burns @fictdoodles ~ Unspecified ~

Homecoming Pigeon by Monica Marier @lil_monmon ~ Fantasy ~

Heroes Wanted (Part 2) by Stephen Book @StephenBook ~ Western ~

Grandma’s Curious Curio by J. M. Strother @jmstro ~ Slice of Life ~

Give And Take by Harry B. Sanderfod @HBSanderford ~ Humor ~

Denial: Sea Born by Seleste deLaney @selestedelaney ~ Magical Realism ~

Deathmatch by Icy Sedgwick @icypop ~ Humor ~

CORPSE WARS: Attack of the Crones episode four by Al Bruno III @albruno3 ~ Horror ~

Cloud by James Tallett @thefourpartland ~ Unspecified ~

Chestnut Hollow by Tony Noland @TonyNoland ~ Horror ~

CD by Rachel Carter @rachcarter ~ Unspecified ~

Cabin Fever by Anke Wehner @Anke ~ Slice of Life ~

Better Than Blood by Nomar Knight @Nomar_Knight ~ Cross Genre ~

Benjamin Smithers by Rebecca Emin @RebeccaEmin ~ Humor ~

Ballet Dance by Susan May @yamnasus ~ Unspecified ~

Bad Mood by Aaron Conaway @M_Gideon ~ Magical Realism ~

At Last, The Sex Scene by Rol Hirst @rolhirst ~ Horror ~

Accidental Cop by David Wilson-Burns @fictdoodles ~ Humor ~

A useful death by Steve Green @n/a ~ Unspecified ~

In The News



I am very happy to announce that at long last the Best of Friday Flash – Volume One is out in print. After going ten rounds in the ring with CreateSpace I finally scored a technical knock out and got the job done. The BOFF, as it affectionately know, is now available as an ebook from SmashWords, and as a 6×10 paperback from both CreateSpace and Amazon. Just follow the links to get the BOFF in your preferred format and from your vendor of choice. I will tell you we make more money if the book is bought from SmashWords or CreateSpace than from Amazon, but the choice is up to you.

We have never really been in this to make money, but to use Friday Flash as a vehicle to promote our writing efforts and to build readership. To this end I felt it was more important to keep the list price as low as possible while not losing money, which we manage to do at $7.99. At that price we clear a nickle (US) with each copy sold via Amazon, so at least no one can accuse us of price gouging.

I’ll write a follow up post later this week detailing the trials and tribulations of getting this puppy put to bed. It’s been a long and at times frustrating ride, but so very satisfying in the end. Thank you all so much for participating, both contributers to the BOFF, and readers and contributors to the weekly #FridayFlash. You are the best writing community I’ve ever had the pleasure to associate with.

Journey’s End Contest Results:

One again the random number fairy dropped by, late from sleeping off all that turkey, and picked five winners of the Journey’s End contest. The five winners random picked from her champaign glass were: Tony Noland, Emma Newman, Estrella Azul, Donald Conrad, and Laura Eno. The prize for winning this contest was supposed to be an ebook copy of the BOFF, but as contributing authors to the BOFF they are already entitled to an ebook copy, and that prize just doesn’t seem all that sporting to me. So instead I am substituting an Amazon gift certificate to cover the cost of the paperback version of the BOFF, plus a penny toward the shipping, making it an even $8.00 (US). Congratulations all.

Of course the real winners of the Journey’s End contest were the #FridayFlash authors who got the nod in the comments for posting terrific flash fiction. So a round of applause please for all these terrific contributors (the envelope please): Laura Eno, Shannon Esposito, Peg McFarland, Tony Noland, Sam Adamson, Tomara Armstrong, Catherine Russell, Maria Protopapadaki-Smith, Dan Powell, Angie Capozello, Johanna Harness, Monica Marier, and of course the most nominated contributor, ‘To Many to Lst‘, which is so true. Thank you all for contributing to the #FridayFlash. You make it all worth while.

The wrap

Thanks to all our readers. We love you. And please, if you enjoy a story leave comments when you visit. Writers love feedback almost as much as chocolate. Maybe more! Then go tell your friends to read it too. Help these writers grow.

You can subscribe to the #fridayflash hashtag (external link) on Twitter every week for more great flash fiction.

We’re on Facebook (external link) too.


Sorry the Report is late this week but I was on the road to help celebrate my sister’s wedding. Glad to report the wedding went off without a hitch though my knee may never be the same. That’s a different story for a different day.

As to FridayFlash, we had a great week with 81 stories in the Collector as of press time including 9 debuts. Please welcome Vincent Eaton, Zelda Martin, Dave Graham, Danielle Tauscher, Amelia Stone, Adam Maxwell, Kathryn Eastman, Amy McLane, and Raven Corinn Carluk to the ranks of FridayFlash. Drop by their websites, read their stories, and leave an encouraging comment.

If your story is not in this listing please visit the Collector and add your details. Then give me a nudge to let me know it’s there if you’d like it added to this week’s report. Otherwise it will show up next week by default, so it won’t be lost in the ether either way. Also, be sure to check out the news just beneath the listing, we have a lot of news this week.

The Stories

A Girl With Brains by Maria Kelly @mkelly317 ~ Horror ~

A Halloween Scare by Brainhaze @brainhazewp ~ Slice of Life ~

After All These Years by Stephen Book @StephenBook ~ ~

An Indelible Design by J. Timothy King @JTimothyKing ~ Unspecified ~

Aphrodite by Mandy K James @akjames61 ~ ~

Art in Public Places by Valerie Valdes @valerievaldes ~ Slice of Life ~

Asking for Absolution by Lyn Thorne-Alder @LynThorneAlder ~ Unspecified ~

Beauty Secret by Cathryn Louis @cathrynlouis ~ Unspecified ~

Breathless by Jessica Rosen @jessrosenbooks ~ Unspecified ~

Bucket by Dave Graham @dakegra ~ Science Fiction ~ Debut

Buried by Shannon Esposito @soesposito ~ Horror ~

By the Light by Donald Conrad @NoddlaNocdar ~ Horror ~

Cat Games by Sarah Hendrix @shadowflame1974 ~ Fantasy ~

Caveat Emptor by Melissa L. Webb @melissalwebb ~ Horror ~

Class of 1990 by Rebecca Emin @RebeccaEmin ~ Unspecified ~

Compatriots (3 of 3) by Katherine Nabity @katen ~ ~

Confession of a Vampire by Lara Dunning @LaraDunning ~ Horror ~

Crash by Emma Kerry @emma_kerry ~ ~

Dance With the Dead by David G Shrock @dracotorre ~ Horror ~

Death or Undeath by Amelia stone @Amelia_writes ~ Fantasy ~ Debut

DOORS by Danielle Tauscher @storybydt ~ ~ Debut

Dropped Stones, Skimmed Skin by Alison Wells @alisonwells ~ Literary ~

Graveyard Dance by Gracie Motley @gracecrone ~ Horror ~

Guan Yin by Mike Robertson @miker_lazlo ~ Fantasy ~

Hia Breoedd, Part #4 by James Tallett @thefourpartland ~ Fantasy ~

Horizon by Stephen Parolini @noveldoctor ~ Literary ~

In The Between by Jason Warden @ShadowCastAudio ~ Cross Genre ~

In Transit by Thom Gabrukiewicz @tgabrukiewicz ~ Experimental ~

Indentured Servitude by E. D. Johnson @geektreasure ~ Literary ~

Jessie’s Turn by Deanna Schrayer @deannaschrayer ~ Cross Genre ~

Killing the Furniture by Vincent Eaton @VincentEaton ~ Cross Genre ~ Debut

Life Skills by Lauren Cude @NA ~ Magical Realism ~

Literary Cage Fight by Dan Powell @danpowfiction ~ Humor ~

Mariana’s New Lover by Clive Martyn @clivem ~ Romance ~

Mom’s Phone by Eric J. Krause @ericjkrause ~ Horror ~

Near Miss by Laurita Miller @LauritaMiller ~ Horror ~

New feet by Rachel Carter @rachcarter ~ Magical Realism ~

Night of the Hunter’s Moon by Pamela Jo @TheresJustLife ~ Fantasy ~

No Laughing Matter by Adam Maxwell @ISayItsAdam ~ Humor ~ Debut

On Borrowed Wings by Angie C. @techtigger ~ Fantasy ~

Passage of Darkness by Annie Evett @annieEvett ~ Suspense ~

Peaches by Catherine Russell @ganymeder ~ Slice of Life ~

People Want Dark Fiction by John Wiswell @Wiswell ~ Thriller ~

Pterodon Drilling by Aidan Fritz @AidanFritz ~ Science Fiction ~

Quid Pro Quo by Justin Davies @flyingscribbler ~ Cross Genre ~

Red Ball by Vincent Eaton @VincentEaton ~ Cross Genre ~

RED LIGHT SPECIAL by Amy McLane @smolderingink ~ Cross Genre ~ Debut

Reminisce Once Too Often by Alex Carrick @Alex_Carrick ~ Humor ~

(running away with me) by Cathy Webster (Olliffe) @Matthiasville ~ Horror ~

Secure Facility Seven by Kari Fay @morganafiolett ~ Horror ~

Septum Elementum: Aeris [excerpt] by Vandamir Windrider @Vandamir ~ Fantasy ~

Slaves by Steve Green @n/a ~ Science Fiction ~

SNOWSTORM by Linda Simoni-Wastila @drwasy ~ Literary ~

Stingray by Rachel Blackbirdsong @RBlackbirdsong ~ Literary ~

Story Hunter by Benjamin Solah @benjaminsolah ~ Literary ~

Sub Two by W. M. Dowis @billdowis ~ Unspecified ~

Succubus by A.S. Boudreau @ASBoudreau ~ Unspecified ~

Sweet Talk by Zelda Martin & Harry B. Sanderford @Harry B. Sanderford ~ Humor ~ Debut

The Art of Listening by Laura Eno @LauraEno ~ Humor ~

The Big C by Tim VanSant @TimVanSant ~ Slice of Life ~

The Cosmologist’s Hangover by Marc Nash @ExisleMoll ~ Literary ~

The Digital Revolution by J.E. Ignatius McNeill @dreamrock ~ Science Fiction ~

The Empath by Raven Corinn Carluk @ravencorinn ~ Fantasy ~ Debut

The Great Chocolate Conspiracy: Episode 8 by Danielle La Paglia @Dannigrrl5 ~ Crime ~

The Hunter by Laura Rachel Fox @LostLibraryGirl ~ Thriller ~

The Inheritance by Johanna Harness @johannaharness ~ Fantasy ~

THE LOCAL HEROES: Escape From Pickman’s Grove by Al Bruno III @albruno3 ~ Adventure ~

The Man In The Barn by Rol Hirst @rolhirst ~ Slice of Life ~

The Peeping Parisian by Chance @Chance4321 ~ Humor ~

The Perfect Silence of the Night Episode 3 by Denise Covey @pichetsinparis ~ Horror ~

The Priest Hole by Icy Sedgwick @icypop ~ Horror ~

The Problem With Folks These Days by T.J. McIntyre @southernweirdo ~ Humor ~

The Transformation of Major Jack Garrison by Keith Dugger @KeithDugger ~ ~

The UCF Stories #25: Escape and Banishment by Sam Adamson @FutureNostalgic ~ Fantasy ~

Thoki & Lor 6 (honor among jerks) by Monica Marier @lil_monmon ~ Fantasy ~

Unchosen by Susan Cross @SusanJCross ~ Experimental ~

Verbosity’s Vengeance by Tony Noland @TonyNoland ~ Humor ~

Waiting for Don Juan by Kathryn Eastman @katheastman ~ Historical ~ Debut

Walking With Lady by J. M. Strother @jmstro ~ Slice of Life ~

Wasps by David Garrett @carpedavid ~ Horror ~

We’ll Just Talk About The Murder by Pamila Payne @mspamila ~ Crime ~

In the News

J. Dane Tyler will be celebrating the launch of his new release “A Moonlit Stroll” at a fabulous virtual book launch on Monday, October 25 on Facebook. Be sure to drop in and wish him well. Congratulations, JD. Best of luck with the release.

Seems things are always popping over at the NOT. Michael J. Solender is holding another round of the Feast Of Flash Contest this year.  The theme is “Thankfulness” and it is completely open to your interpretation. The winner will have $100 donated to the charity of their choice. Runners Up will have their stories published on the NOT the week of Thanksgiving. Be sure to check out the details.

Jim Bronyaur is working up another round of the 12 Days of Christmas Project again for this year. The submissions are open and there are still some choice days to pick from. Visit the 12 Days 2010 page for details on how to participate and follow the project on Twitter as  #12days2010.

Gloria Oliver had her short story “Art” accepted for inclusion in Norilana Books’ new anthology “Ladies of Trade Town.” You can read more about it on the Beacon News. The anthology is currently scheduled for release in July of 2011. Congratulations, Gloria!

Remember, The Great Chocolate Conspiracy continues over at Danielle La Paglia’s blog with Episode 8 in the blog tour. The next installment will appear on Friday, October 29th at Icy Sedgwick’s blog. You can keep up with developments in the meantime by following the #GtChocCo hashtag on Twitter.

Also, remember to vote for the best Canadian culture and literature blog. I would never dream to tell you how to vote, so check out the particulars over at the Canadian Blog Awards webpage.  Or visit Laurita Miller’s fine blog, Brain Droppings, for a direct link to the poll.

Finally, my tech guru Susan Chambless sent me news that Barns and Noble has launched its own publishing arm with the perhaps unfortunate name of PubIt. For those of you who self publish, this is yet another outlet you can use to get your titles in front of readers. Check out the details on the PubIt home page.

The wrap

Thanks to all our readers. We love you. And please, if you enjoy a story leave comments when you visit. Writers love feedback almost as much as chocolate. Maybe more! Then go tell your friends to read it too. Help these writers grow.

You can subscribe to the #fridayflash hashtag (external link) on Twitter every week for more great flash fiction.

We’re on Facebook (external link) too.

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