Cover Art


I have been giving serious consideration to finally publishing my first Max Mann novella — Max Mann and the Black Widow. I finally have a cover concept I am happy with and thought I would bounce it off of you all to see what you think. This is a front and back cover for print. An ebook cover would be a slightly modified version of the right hand side of this graphic.

Max Mann cover concept

If the background is too dark I can adjust it to be lighter. I am also curious what you all think of the back cover blurb, both in terms of the text and if text over image works or not.

Max Mann and the Black Widow is a novella, so I was thinking of charging $5.95 instead of the more common $7.95. Does this price seem reasonable to you? Too high? Too low? I’m open to advice here as well. Thanks.


I am greatly indebted to Ken Thomas who has graciously released his photo of a black widow spider to the public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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