Story of the Week


An idea has been niggling at the back of mind for a while now, an idea on how to better promote the best of the best each week. Here’s my notion. Let me know what you think.

You, the readers of #fridayflash (authors included) shoot me a DM on Twitter each week, say by Tuesday at 5pm US-Central Time. Tell me which story was the best one you read that week (not including your own). The one that gets the most nominations will get a shout out on Wednesday or Thursday (a little wiggle room for me). I’ll also give it a mention in the next #fridayflash Report.

It is sort of like community voting without the formal poll, and all the angst that goes along with that. No one knows what stories have been suggested to me, or how their own story is faring in the standings. Just sometime around mid week presto, a Story of the Week gets a special highlight. It will even have a cool little badge, which you may add to your story on your blog if so inclined.

I see this accomplishing two things. First off, Story of the Week posts, and their authors, will get a bit more well deserved attention. That has to be a good thing. Second, it will make it easier for me to identify prospective candidates for the Best of 2010, when time for that rolls around. It’s another grand experiment on my part to use crowd-sourcing to find and promote the best of the best.

So what do you think? Is there merit here, or am I completely out to lunch? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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