The West

Alternating bands of brown and green
Leeward and windward
Spare rough country
Magnificent in its own right
Broken by the next ridge
The next valley.
Yet the lush green of forest and field
Will not be denied,
A celebration of the power of life.
Such contradiction
Repeating in rolling waves
As I travel the American west.

A tank pulled over by the Webster Groves Police.

... I was only doing 25.

So, I was driving down Newport the other day when I see the cops have a tank pulled over. Wait? What? A Tank! Yes, a tank. Looks to be of the WWI variety to me, but I’m no expert. Sadly, all I had was my crappy cell phone to take a picture with, but I could not pass it up. Neither could a lot of people, traffic was starting to build up as we each paused to take a picture. The policemen seemed to be enjoying themselves and surly had one to tell around the water cooler.



Two photos, one week apart: a snow covered bar-b-que, and some red flowers in bloom.

And what a vast improvement in my spirits it’s brought.



There are 50 reindeer on the loose in Webster this Christmas season courtesy of Park Manager Shawnell Faber and the staff of the Webster Groves Parks Department. The whimsical wooden sculptures are made from the remains of shingle oaks which would have otherwise gone through the wood chipper. Back in the day (too many years ago to admit) I used to run the Webster wood chipper while working my way through college. It pleases me no end to see the remains of what were once magnificent trees given a new life, one filled with the magic of the holiday season.

This herd of reindeer is scattered about Webster; in the business districts, City Hall, our main highway interchange, and the Recreation Center; and invariably bring a smile to the faces of those they encounter. There are three red-nosed reindeer included in the mix. If you happen through Webster see if you can find them.

I think this one's Blitzen

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a goodnight.

Photos by J. M. Strother which I hereby release into the Public Domain.


Lines outside my polling place in Webster Groves, MO

My Polling Place

The orange glow of an October sunset

Last Night's Sunset


The garden plot






My garden as of May 7th. I don’t know about the gargoyle, but I am certainly anticipating.

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