Hand holding a snowman/woman couple holding a heart, labeled 2012I thought I was done with crying

Somewhere in the ninth month it occurred to me
The tears had not come in quite a while
I took solace in that ninth
Having never been certain of what comes after
If reincarnation really is the truth of it
Then nine months should mark her rebirth somewhere in this world
The thought comforts me

Then the tenth month came

While putting up the Christmas tree I found our ornament
She always bought one
A couple
Placed on the tree as one
One union
One perfect match
Now here in my hand was the last of our ornaments
She was too sick to get one for 2013
I was too preoccupied
So here in my hand lies our last special bauble
A snowman and a snow-woman embraced
Entwined side by side
Forever joined
My tears return
Nothing, after all,
Is forever



The West

Alternating bands of brown and green
Leeward and windward
Spare rough country
Magnificent in its own right
Broken by the next ridge
The next valley.
Yet the lush green of forest and field
Will not be denied,
A celebration of the power of life.
Such contradiction
Repeating in rolling waves
As I travel the American west.


E is for Earth

Weather turns warmer
Snows replaced by thunderstorms
The earth drinks deeply

Yeah, pretty lame. And I’m already a day behind. Here’s F to catch up with.

F is for Fail

Already behind
And taxes are due next week
A to Z may fail

At least I’m trying.




Reliable harbinger of spring
You sit dormant
Refusing to yield even one bud
One glimmer of hope
Others may succumb
To the siren songs of warm days
Greening shrubs
New grass underfoot
But I know you too well
Ever faithful
You have never lied to me
So I will wait
Sharpen my hoe
Hold back on planting
Until you once again reveal
Your own confidence
The weather has truly turned


C is for Cyndi

Two months now since you have gone
Two months which seem an eternity
And though my heart is filled with sorrow
It is also filled with hope
Hope for the future
Hope for the dreams
That you will not be here to see unfold
But which I am sure you will be happy with
Once they do
These dreams are for you, dear Cyndi
And they will, I am certain,
Make you smile.


I don’t plan to get all maudlin with these, but seriously, how could C not be for Cyndi?


B is for Boy

He’s a good boy

Though he drives me crazy at times

The way he anticipates me

Seems to know what I’m thinking

Even before I do

Dogs are like that

Constantly under foot

Constantly looking up to you

Expecting solutions to every problem

I tell him I’m not a god

That I can’t fix everything

But he just sits there

Looking at me

Expecting the impossible


A Is For Always

You will always be close to me,
Though I can see you no more.
Your sweet scent is gone,
Your enigmatic smile.
But you, yourself, will always remain.
Will always be close.
Will always have my heart.


Today’s poem is my first shot at the April A to Z challenge. I’m not much of a joiner so I did not officially sign up for the group. But if you are interested they have the official site here, as well as a Facebook page. My own plan is to simply use the concept to kick start my writing again. I think my wife would have liked that.
Miss you, Cyndi.



Naked winter trees against a bright blue sky.

I have a post up at #AmWriting that explores the topic of February. I hope you’ll visit and enjoy it.







The garden plot






My garden as of May 7th. I don’t know about the gargoyle, but I am certainly anticipating.


Cyndi's and my hat on the peg by the back door.

Hats On the Peg

Twenty-eight years
a long time to hang one’s hat
on the same peg
Nearly three decades

Good times and bad
we’ve seen it all
you and I
Now we grow old

Oh sure, we’d make
some other choices
But one choice
Would remain constant

I’d have it no other way


The picture is of our hats hanging by the back door. Saturday is our 28th wedding anniversary.

© 2011 by J. M. Strother, all rights reserved.

Photo by J. M. Strother

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