Their footsteps echoed off the walls and domed ceiling, adding to the surreal feel of the place. Once the troops arrived all the members had been evacuated without incident. They were never actually in any danger and the troops had not been needed in the end. All the zombies had already expired.

“So they starved to death?” Captain McGuire asked. He shouldered the nozzle of his flame thrower, slightly piqued that it would not be needed.

“Yep,” Frank Martinez said. “Though technically speaking they was already dead.”

“So who came up with this plan?” McGuire asked, kicking aside a nearly detached hand that lay in his path.

“That’d be Jack, my assistant.” Frank referred to the junior member of the janitorial service he ran. “He said, ‘They eat brains’ and started barring the doors right away.”

Captain McGuire had to admit it – locking the zombies in with Congress was brilliant. He shook his head in wonder at the simplicity of it. “You just starved the beasts.”

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