What modicum of success I have here at Mad Utopia I owe in large part to the kindness of others. My original site was built on TikiWiki, an open source package that integrates an array of useful content management tools under one roof. Without the volunteer team of developers I may not have gotten off the ground.

Once I decided on using TikiWiki I found I needed help in getting it set up and configured properly. I also wanted to do things with it that are not typically done. A very good friend of mine, Susan Chambless (@mathsinger on Twitter), took me under her wing, and either showed me how to do things, or went ahead and did them for me when I gave her a particularly blank look. She in effect became my personal tech guru. Without her help that website would have withered and died.

When I started #fridayflash we had a few people get involved, but it did not grow very fast. Then I asked Maria Schneider (@mariaschneider), at Editor Unleashed, if I could do a guest post on her blog. She very graciously agreed. After my post ran participation in #fridayflash shot way up. She gave me the visibility I needed to make a go of it. Now we have a vibrant community of around sixty regulars participating, if not weekly, as often as they can. I attribute the success the meme enjoys largely to the good graces of Maria and that guest post. She is one of the brightest lights on the Internet.

As much as I love it, I decided that the TikiWiki blog just didn’t cut it. The commenting system is too antiquated. So I decided to switch to WordPress as my blogging platform. Again, an open source project, made available to me through the kindness of others.

However, I did not want to lose the look and feel of my old site. I was using the Eatlon Theme (another freebie provided by the kind hands of strangers) which was TikiWiki specific. So once again I tuned to my personal guru, Susan, and once again she worked magic. She not only did the hard work of converting the Eatlon theme to WordPress, she at the same time devised a method for people to enter their #fridayflash stories into a report generator (still run via TikiWiki), saving me hours of time each weekend. I cannot thank her enough.

So thank you TikiWiki developers. Thank you team WordPress.  And thanks to Maria, Susan, and the dozens of others who have contributed in one way or another to this blog. I hope to start paying back some of that karma in the near future.

OK, end of schmaltz. Now, back to writing.

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