Thirty years
A long time to spend together
Yet too short, really.
Thirty years of bliss
Thirty years of joy
Thirty years to grow together
And become one.
But cancer took you,
Stole the part of my heart
I cherished most.
You fought bravely
These last two plus years
And taught me,
When I thought I knew you,
Just how strong you were.
You never complained.
You never railed at the whims of fate.
You never quit the fight.
Such grace in the face of death.
Such beauty in a tranquil soul.
I will miss you Cyndi,
As will the girls.
Be at peace now and know,
Wherever you may be,
That you were truly loved.

Photo of Cyndi

In Loving Memory

Cynthia D. Strother
May 15, 1953 – February 2, 2014

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