I was going to write a post about my current top ten favorite TV shows, then I realized that there aren’t ten TV shows currently running that are worth watching. You know the old saying, “Hundreds of stations and still nothing to watch.” Turns out it’s true.

I blame the dearth of decent TV on the advent of reality TV. Ninety percent of them are pure crap, the other ten simply bearable. Yet networks and cable wonder why they are losing viewership. In the interest of full disclosure I must tell you I only have expanded basic, so I don’t receive any of the premium channels.

So, what are my top ten five favorites?

Elementary – what I really like about this show is the interplay and the development over time of the relationships between the characters. Johnny Lee Miller makes a fabulous Holmes, and I enjoy Lucy Liu as Watson. I find it a refreshing change to have a woman cast in that role. I also like that no one is a buffoon, as Watson and Lestrade (Gregson in this incarnation) are so often portrayed.

NCIS – I still put this in my top five, but I fear NCIS is getting a bit long in the tooth. What makes this show work is the wonderful chemistry the cast seems to have. It will be interesting to see if it holds up with the departure of Ziva (Cote de Pablo). In the past the writing has been outstanding, but of late the writers seem to be struggling to come up with new ideas. As I said, a bit long in the tooth.

The Big Bang Theory – I think this is just flat out funny, but then being a geek, I’ve always enjoyed geek humor. I only catch it now and then, but I do enjoy it when I do.

CBS Evening News – I try to watch the news daily simply because I think it is the civic duty of any good citizen to stay informed. I find the CBS rendition the least biased of the three networks.

Grim – I only started to watch this because my wife and daughter were early devotees. They never missed a show for the first two seasons. I know it well enough to follow the premise, and I enjoy the characters. My favorite character is Monroe, but then I’ve always been partial to werewolves.

I have some off-season favorites too. These include Longmire which ranks right up there with Elementary as my favorite, Perception which is sometimes a bit of a stretch, and Psych which is just plain wacky. Given the CBS News as a constant, that makes four shows worth watching in the off season.

Now remind me again, why do I have cable?


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