What Is #fridayflash?

The original announcement, explaining just what #fridayflash is, and why you should participate.

Add your story to this week’s #fridayflash Report. Click here.

Please note the Entry Form may need a little work still. Hope to have it up and running by Friday, October 23. Even when it is up and running it will look funky in Internet Exploder. Not sure if/when that will be fixed, but it should be purely cosmetic.

Visit the #fridayflash Archive. Hundreds of great stories for your reading pleasure.

There are many talented writers out there and they have contributed hundreds of stories thus far. Find them. Read them. Love them.

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  1. [...] great side effect of the hashtags are the hashtags projects. A prime example of this is #fridayflash, every Friday authors publish a Flash Fiction Piece, and tweet about it using the #fridayflash [...]

  2. [...] Oh, and I got a nice surprise in the mail, a gift card for Barnes & Noble for winning the Friday Flash Reader’s contest. It was [...]

  3. [...] If you’ve arrived here from there, you might like to read some of my character stories, or my post from last Friday – Your dad’s a dick. I wrote it for another great web writing initiative – FridayFlash. [...]

  4. [...] #Fridayflash is something completely different. Each Friday a bunch of authors publish a piece of flash fiction (a very short story), and tweet about it using the hashtag. J.M. Strother posts a weekly roundup on his blog of all stories published each week, and an anthology is in the making. It’s a great way of finding something quick to read, and I’ve discovered some excellent authors through this tag. Be sure to tweet about your personal favorites too, and don’t forget to include the hashtag if you do. [...]

  5. [...] Thank You Very Much to Jon Strother, our fearless #fridayflash leader, and a very talented writer himself. Jon, you have done so much to further my writing career [...]

  6. [...] *To learn more about #FridayFlash and how to participate, please visit Mad Utopia’s #FridayFlash. [...]

  7. [...] body of Friday Flash available on the Web. For more information about Friday Flash, visit Mad Utopia. [...]

  8. [...] ThursdayTales Roll Call (now known as the TTRC)!  What is this ThursdayTales (aka TT)?  Much like FridayFlash, it’s a weekly flash(ish) fiction writing circle at io9, where the niners get together and post a [...]

  9. [...] the Writing Adventure Group topic: Broken as well as the #fridayflash [...]

  10. [...] was inspired by this week’s Three Word Wednesday prompt, and I’m including it as a #FridayFlash piece, and posting it at Weekend Writer’s Retreat, too. That’s a lot of bang for one [...]

  11. [...] blogging again I should start taking part in [Fiction] Friday again, and start taking part in #FridayFlash for the first [...]

  12. [...] ** Once again, I’ll be linking this piece up at a bunch of places. The Weekend Writer’s Retreat. Friday Flash. [...]

  13. [...] #fridayflash – Writers tweet about their flash fiction (1000 words or less) that is available for reading online. [...]

  14. [...] news – our hard-working #fridayflash creator, Jon Strother, of Mad Utopia, tells us that the Best of Fridayflash, hard copy edition, will [...]

  15. [...] a supportive community), for Jon Strother of Mad Utopia. A year and a half ago Jon created the #fridayflash community, a group of writers who post a flash fiction story, (story of 1,000 words or less), to their blog [...]

  16. [...] hope you’ll check out that post, In Celebration of Creative Geniuses, to find out who among the #fridayflash crowd the award goes [...]

  17. [...] eyes on my content was to participate. I threw my hat into the ring for Fiction Friday as well as #FridayFlash. In addition, I would read through the writing submitted by others and comment. Most blogs allowed [...]

  18. [...] My name is Nova because I was born in the back of one. *Interstingly enough, this is from my very first #fridayflash. [...]

  19. [...] submitted for the first time to #flashfriday last week. Although I haven’t received a lot of feedback for Master, I did come across some [...]

  20. [...] this all leads me to explain why I was so excited to discover a project called #FridayFlash, which as you might have guessed by the hashtag is a fantastic, twitter born, opportunity for [...]

  21. [...] #fridayflash this week comes in the form of a poem, something I rarely write, and even more rarely share, (I’ve [...]

  22. Hi, I’ve just written and submitted my first piece of flash fiction ever! I hope I’m doing it right! I gather that tomorrow I’ll tweet it on Twitter and link to my blog where I’ve posted the story. Can anyone tell me how I can add the badge to my wordpress site, please? I’ve pasted it to my blog entry but I want to add it as a widget in the side bar I can’t seem to do it.
    Love this site and the #FridayFlash idea!

  23. Hi, Deborah,
    It’s just a text widget with a linked image in it. If this works you might be able to see the code. If so, it is what you would paste into the body of your widget. If not, I’ll have to think of something else so you can see it.

    Friday Flash

    Share your Weekly Friday Flash

  24. How does one enter BOFF #2? and is it open to new comers like me?

    • Helen,

      The BOFF 2 submissions are open to anyone who participates in Friday Flash, even if their very first story is posted the week before submissions close. Here is a link to the submissions guidelines at the bottom of which you will also find the submission form. All stories will be judged anonymously to the extent that is possible (judges may recognize some authors even without names applied) so a new participant has as good a chance as a old veteran. I hope you submit, and good luck!

  25. Why can’t I read my two works at Eloquent stories?

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