These are resources I have found useful as a writer. I hope you find some of them useful too. I will add to these as new gems are uncovered or as old favorites come to mind.


Writer communities are valuable – they spark creativity, provide guidance, and just give you a place to hang with like minded people.

Absolute Write Is a blog/newsletter run by MacAllister Stone. AW publishes articles about writing and publishing, including news, how-to articles, and interviews. It also has a very nice and rather exhaustive forum: the Absolute Write Water Cooler.

Friday Flash is a loosely run international writer’s community held together with the duct tape and bailing wire called the Internet. It is an Internet meme cooked up my me, where writers post their own flash fiction on Fridays and then tweet about it along with the #FridayFlash hashtag. A weekly roundup is posted on Mad Utopia. We also have a Facebook page.

Writer’s Chatroom is a writer’s community run by Audrey Shaffer. It includes a blog, two weekly chats, and a nice little forum.

Writer’s Digest is best known for their annual publishing guides and how to books, but they also have some useful blogs and a very active forum.


I have a thing for dictionaries of all sorts, physical or virtual. Beyond the obvious benefit of providing the correct spelling and usage of words, the right dictionary can help maintain the ambiance of a story. Here are a few I’ve found particularly helpful.

English – Old Norse Dictionary, compiled by Ross G. Arthur  An amazing resource that hits the spot for stories set in period or fantasy settings.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary The old reliable standby.

OEME Old English/Modern English Dictionary – A priceless asset when writing fantasy or period pieces. A very good Chinese language resource for when you want to maintain a far eastern flavor in your prose.

I’ll be adding more resources here shortly.

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