It was an unusual weekend for me. Not the Father’s Day part, that was pretty well expected – though the girls did an excellent job of keeping me in the dark as to the gift. No, the unusual part was that I had no #FridayFlash this weekend, despite my good intentions. I did sit down to write one, but the story I intended to write kind of got away from me. There is both good and bad in that.

The bad is, obviously, I did not post a #FridayFlash. This marks the first time I missed one in over two years. But two plus years is a pretty good run so I’m not feeling particularly bad about it. I’m not giving up #FridayFlash, you’d have to pry it from my cold dead fingers. I just no longer feel compelled to crank one out every single week. My approach now will be to do one when it happens, and to take the time concentrate on some of my other writing.

That brings me around to the good.

That story I was working on? It was another Dragon Gates tale. You may remember them – they feature the wayward wizard, Min Lee. Friday night I was spinning more of that saga when a familiar feeling came over me. I realized I was once again in a mood for a novel.

This feeling has been building. Min Lee and his compatriots have been banging around in my head for well over a year now. Friday Night something clicked. The unifying theory that holds all the stories together as a whole finally gelled.

The upshot of all this is that my #FridayFlash took on a life of its own Friday night and is now well on its way to a novel. Not page-count-wise, but conceptually. I only wrote 1200 words Friday, but it was enough to hash out most of the motivations and plot lines for nearly all of the diverse characters involved. That, my friends, is a very good thing.

So, I’ll be working on Dragon Gates pretty seriously for a while. I’ll still post a flash when I have one. I’ll still do the #FridayFlash Report each week. If you’re wondering where it is, I took Father’s Day off, but I’ll have it up tomorrow. If you were hoping for a bit of fiction from me, I added links to all the other Dragon Gate stories. If you’ve missed some of them drop in and catch up.

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